Friday, March 19, 2010

Macomb Money Savers

Jolyn, a personal friend, and the blog author of Macomb Money Savers, has temporarily stopped posting due to a blog name/domain issue, but rest assured, she is itching to get back to posting!

Please keep Jolyn and her family in your prayers during this stressful time, thank you!



Thank you Laura so much for letting us know what was going on. I was really worried when I saw her post lastnight and I had know idea what happened. Is she going to have to hire a lawyer about this? I am sure that everyone would love to know if there is anything we can do to help her out. If there are legal fees maybe we could set up a donation or something.... This is just so unfair for Jolyn. I sure hope this is over fast for her.

Laura Webber

Hi Jessie,
I'll ask about the legal fees, because yes, lawyers are involved. Great idea!


Off topic for this post, but wanted to let you know that one of your tips really helped my son and I at Meijer yesterday.

My son was responsible for doing the grocery shopping for his Boy Scout campout this weekend and he had a certain amount of cash he had to spend. We knew we were going to be close and when we got up to the self-checkout there were several catalinas sitting there, left by someone else. There was a $4 off meat coupon that we were able to use and it helped him stay under his total!

We both were really excited to find that lovely coupon! Thanks for your tips, Laura.


Laura Webber

Hi Pam,
Sweet checking out at the check out! I LOVE that your son is learning great life long skills!!!


Please let her know that one of her readers in Ohio is missing her already :(

I hope things work out for her!

Laura Webber

Jolyn is working hard behind the scenes to get back up and running! She WILL be back as soon as she can!


Yes, I'll remember to pray for peace for her. I don't understand all of this - did someone else have the rights to her domain name? Maybe after all of this is over, she or you could give a tip list on how to create a & all the do's and don'ts? I'm rather clueless. Hope she gets it all sorted out.

Laura Webber

Hi Ellen,
It is a domain issue, and I'm sure that Jolyn will be able to give some very sound advice when all of this 'junk' is over!


I miss her also, my thoughts are with her. -Rita


I miss her too. I am so happy I took your class, Laura, and learned about your site and her site. You both are lifesavers.

Thank you for helping me see the light.

Rhonda in Milford.


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