Monday, March 22, 2010

"Local Ladies:" Meet My Favorite Deals

I have decided to take the next several weeks to introduce MICHIGAN's long list of savvy shopping blogs to you! Each day I will be adding a new blog to my "Local Ladies" sidebar! Enjoy!

Theresa, the blog author of
My Fave Deals (.com), is a West side blogger (Muskegon to be exact) who loves to share her savvy spending scoop!

Theresa's posts include her own personal shopping loot (have I ever mentioned that I love when bloggers do that!), as well as deals specifically geared towards Meijer, Target and Rite Aid! Theresa also regularly posts the HOT retail deals going on at the mall, as well as online (including Amazon) deals!

Theresa, thank you for sharing your favorite deals- keep sharing so we can all keep saving!



The link is wrong. It goes to Staying Lean in Oakland Co. :)

Laura Webber

Weird, I'll change it! Thanks!

My Favorite Deals

Thank you for featuring me! I'm going to post a link to your site on my blog :)

Laura Webber

Hey, thanks!!!

Laura Webber

PS: I finally figured out the 'why' of the mis- links... hoping to keep those at bay! Thanks for your patience!

Staying Lean

Theresa's site is soo cute!