Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Meghan, of Savvy Saving, has the scoop on K Mart's SUPER DOUBLES starting on Sunday, April 4th (Easter Sunday). Meghan has discovered that shoppers who would like their high value (up to $2) coupons to double, will need a special K Mart card.

***K Mart's SUPER DOUBLES, if you have yet to participate, are certain weeks that K Mart allows us coupons spenders to double our discount by having our coupons doubled. Previously, there had been no limits to the number of coupons that a shopper may spend, but K Mart has continuously been tightening its "acceptance belt," and now we will need a special card that will track the 5 coupons that we will be allowed to spend per day. YIKES, this is getting ridiculous!



Hmm, I wonder if it's 5 coupons per day total or per store? I have two Kmart stores that are participating with in 1 mile of my house. I planned on going to each on multiple days :(

Laura Webber

I think its per day... tracked on your card that you MUST sign up for in order to qualify for doubles!


and ....unless something fabulous is free...i wont bother going. I feel the same way about Walgreens and their coupon to product ratio.

Laura Webber

I agree! I miss the 'good old days' of SUPER DOUBLES!


I think Kmart is going to find out that may people won't waste their time for 5 coupons a day. OH how I miss the limit of 75 a day! :o)

Laura Webber

Yep, the last several SUPER DOUBLES have NOT been worth my effort... sad!

Staying Lean

Last two times I have skipped the time before I was so frustrated with the out of stock overpriced stuff compared to the match-ups and the ridiculous rules. I haven't been back since!

Laura Webber

I agree, all of the items are FAR over priced!