Monday, March 15, 2010

Drug Store Deals: March 14th Weekly Edition

THANK YOU Coupon Crazy Chrys for your drug store deal-ing coupon match-ups!

Drug store deals for this week:

Aussie products $.99, Herbal Essence, 2 for $.99

Revlon deals, $.72 boxes of Kleenex and FREE Colgate!

Rite Aid:
FREE Right Guard deodorant, inexpensive Hershey's candy, and $.59 Dawn

Chrys is a local Detroit blogger who is a master of spending very little out of pocket at CVS, Walgreen's and Rite Aid- and she has graciously allowed me to link her drug store coupon match-ups with you each Monday... WOO HOO, thanks Chrys!!! Coupon Crazy Chrys is now available along my sidebar!


Becky C


I have a question about the RiteAid Video Perks $5 off $20 coupons. I have been printing multiples and using them throughout the month on various transactions, as suggested on different blogs. It was brought to my attention this week that the fine print (tiny fine print--couldn't read it without reading glasses) says One Per Customer. I am beginning to think I should limit my printing to one.
I trust your ethics of coupon spending. What do you feel is the proper way to handle these coupons?

Laura Webber

Personally, I'd ask my manager at my favorite store, or I'd call corporate... let me know what you hear!

I do know that often (and I seriously mean OFTEN) stores place wording on their coupons (in fine print) that they choose NOT to enforce... they keep it there as an 'insurance policy' of sorts, they can choose to begin enforcing the fine print wording at any time.

Kroger is a great example of this! Kroger rain checks state that they expire 1 month from when they are written. The TRUTH is that Kroger chooses NOT to enforce that rule- even though they continue to print their rain checks stating otherwise.