Friday, March 19, 2010

"Clean Me Up Spotty:" Napkin Edition

OK, yes, I understand that this is hardly a clean me up spot, but I personally hate when napkins fall all over the place!

Formerly, (yesterday) we placed our napkins in a stand up holder, and when we would run low our napkins would slouch and eventually fall out of the holder!

Today, I've re- purposed a decorative bucket into our new napkin holder! It looks SO cute in my kitchen... and no more napkin clutter!!! Yay!

Do YOU have any creative kitchen organization ideas?



Cute bucket! I tried something a few months ago and it has really worked out well. I stopped buying paper napkins. I have a supply of dark colored dishcloths in a drawer near where we eat. We use these in place of napkins and paper towels. I put the dirty ones in a small trash can in a nearby closet,with my dirty dishtowels, then take to the wash weekly. I use the same concept for handtowels in the powder room. It has been so nice not to buy and store napkins and papertowels. I do still keep a small supply of papertowels for especially germy or greasy messes.

Laura Webber

I haven't taken the plunge yet... I'm waiting for a sweet deal on cloth napkins, but going cloth makes so much sense!

Paula Wethington

I can't convince the husband to use cloth napkins other than for special occasions. He does the laundry, so he does have some say on that detail.

But I keep the dish rags in a pretty ceramic basket that matches my dish pattern.

Laura Webber

Great idea!!!