Friday, March 12, 2010

"Clean Me Up Spotty:" Clothes Closet Edition

Since it feels like Spring is actually upon us (I will CRY if we have another major snow fall), its high time that I clean out and reorganize my clothing.

Dave, my husband, and I used to enjoy "his and hers" closets... ahem, before we were blessed with our son! Now we share a non-walk-in closet, and lets just say that we strive to have harmony in our closet, but its tough now that our clothes are "shacking up" together!!!

I think that the grey days of Winter bring out the worst in me... I allow colonies of dust bunnies to multiply and I become a closet "closet shover!" OK, its NOT that bad, but there is just something about the sunshine that makes me want to reorganize!

Yesterday I literally touched every single piece of clothing that I owned and I buckled down and made some tough decisions... Keep. Toss. Donate. Wow, that's way easier said than done! But, now that it IS done, it feels so good! I can't wait to donate a whole lot of nice, yet seldom worn clothing!

Dave even got in on the action last night, although I think it was because of a little bit of peer pressure... wink!

How often do YOU purge your closets?



You crack me up!! I just took an hour this morning and PURGED! Not myself but my room! I had a reality check about my "real" size and what I could zip. It feels good but it will feel better once the bags are really gone! I am ready to clear out all the kids some day soon!
Jessica M.

Laura Webber

Ha Jess, that's so funny! I dusted/swept the entire room too! Ah, it feels so GOOD!


I found the space saving hanger as seen on tv at The Christmas Tree ship for $5 each. You get 10 in a box! LOVE IT. I've been meaning to blog about it :)

Laura Webber

Hi Crystal,
That's too funny, I just saw a tutorial on how to make them...