Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Survey

There are some products that my family is brand loyal to... its not that we can't live without them, we just choose to make specific purchases to avoid things like dry (OK, overly dry) skin and less than effective trash bags!

What are some of the items that YOUR family prefers NOT to live without?

For the Webber's: Aveeno baby products, Tide Free & Clear laundry detergent, Glad Force Flex garbage bags, Bounty paper towels and... Classico Pesto sauce, yum!



I only use Aveeno Lotions, Tide Free Laundry detergent and diet pepsi...

as for foods I am pretty open to trying new brands but I find we are fairly picky!

I have however been able to build a succesful stockpile and save a ton of money even though I am a bit of a brand snob!

Coupon Teacher

I have to have All Small and Mighty, Cascade (old dishwasher), and Colgate Total without whitening.


My family prefers Heinz ketchup, Dawn dish soap, Jif peanut butter, Scott long-lasting paper towels, Colgate Total without whitening (as well!), Kraft parmesan cheese, Annie's mac & cheese, Kirkland-brand trail mix, and Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion.


Mom C

Like you, I prefer Tide Free & Clear & Bounty. Also, Diet Coke.

Candice E

We will only use Lever 2000 bar soap, Simple Human trash bags (they are the only ones that fit in our round Simple Human can), Bertolli Pasta sauce, Jif creamy PB and Quilted Northern!


We are also loyal to Classico. I'm personally loyal to Shick razors and PanOxyl facewash.

Becky C

Tropicana OJ. We've tried other kinds but we always go back to Tropicana. I was thrilled to get it yesterday at Meijer with a $1/2 MFC and a $1/2 MBC.


Not too much brand loyalty here. I'm the toothpaste snob in my family; I must have Crest. The rest of the household is content with whatever other kind of toothpaste I've gotten free.
The other brand I insist on is Diet Coke.
Through couponing, I have discovered some brands my family does not like. For example, I no longer buy Peter Pan peanut butter, but most other brands will do.


That's an excellent question. Irish Spring bar soap for hubby. And Schick Intuition and Silk Effects plus razors for myself. I was a Charmin Ultra girl, but I am slooowly moving away from that. I think we're starting to lose our loyalties to many products.

Laura Webber

This is awesome! I forgot to add that I will *ONLY* wash my dished with Dawn... I'm not a fan of anything else!

dawn reeves

Where do I start?? Hum..Definitely with you on the Dawn Dish soap, force flex trash bags, name brand cereal, Kraft Mac n cheese ( only kind the kids will eat), and Gold bond Lotions.


We aren't too picky when it comes to name or store brand products. The only thing I won't buy that's store brand is mac and cheese. It has to be Kraft. Oh and I guess we won't buy store brand cola either. Has to be coke!! Other than that, I'll buy whatever is the cheapest.


Dawn dish soap, fusion razors other than that we use whatever is cheapest.


Iams cat and dog food-pays off in less vet bills. IMHO.
-neutrogena shampoo
-nice and easy hair dye
Now that I couons i find no brands make it less and less into our home.