Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Survey

Memoirs from a shop-a-holic.... just kidding!

OK, so TWICE this week I have found Meijer grocery price tag stickers on mine or my family's clothing!

After being home from the grocery store for several hours, I noticed my son's shirt a gnarly little grocery sticker on it... but last Sunday I found 'my' little sticker tangled up in my scarf's fringe...

Has this ever happened to YOU? Where is the weirdest place you've discovered a grocery sticker?


Laura Webber

Hmmm... I guess I'm the ONLY nerdy one out there!!!


my dogs and pig wind up with price stickers on them...


I've only found them on the bottom of our socks before...sorry, nothing too exciting here!



I'm a little late on this one, Laura, but I really got a lot from your 50% Rule post...very informative! I'm a bit of a nerd, too, and when I have a formula to follow, it helps speed up my shopping trips because I'm not standing in every aisle wondering whether I should buy one or stock up.

I had a thought for the person who had to throw out a lot of salad dressing. I go through my stash and if I have several of an item that will expire before I use it up, I put it in a bag and drop it off at my local food pantry, Hospitality House. I NEVER give away expired food but if it is a few months away and I have several and I know we won't eat it by then, why not let another family eat it? I bought some taco kits that have the crunchy shells in them and I found out my sons don't like the crunchy shells (only the tortillas), so I gave those away, too.

Just a thought.


Sorry, no exciting spots over here, just socks. You are the lucky one, Laura. :)


I was changing a diaper once while working in a daycare...and inside the little girl's diaper was a great big "thank you for shopping at walmart" smiley face sticker!


I had a price sticker on my bum once and my husband commented how it was worth more than the $1.98 or whatever was on the sticker. He made a few jokes about it. I've gotten those little stickers all over. I've even had to scrape them off of the floor in my kitchen. I guess my Meier doesn't stick them on too well or something. haha

Laura Webber

Liv & Leesa... HILARIOUS! Love it!


Years ago, I found a store sticker firmly affixed to the roof of my toddlers mouth!

Laura, I found your blog on the program for the Generousity Conference at Community Christian Church. Although I wasn't able to attend, I have been following your blog and other blogs that you link to.... and have learned so much. I already have a good start on my stockpile and have saved so much money! Thank you.

Laura Webber

Hi Anonymous,
I'm glad that you are doing well! Thanks for the kind words!

My son used to try and eat these stickers all of the time! Too funny!


Ha Ha this is hilarious! I go to meijer apparently too often because I am always finding stickers places. Nothing too crazy I admit, the bottom of my sock, my sweater sleeve once on my couch as I pointed out to my son no we didn't purchase it at meijer lol.