Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Survey

I am often asked "can you freeze that?"

And since I feel like a freezer novice, I'd LOVE for YOU to share with me whats some of the special stuff in your freezer- and if YOU have tips/tricks to keeping it safe from freezer burn!



I freeze:

-homemade breadcrumbs
-tomatoes (great for adding to homemade soups)
-homemade cookie dough
-butter (stock up when it's on sale!)
-garden soups homemade from our garden harvest
- asparagas (found it very cheaply at a roadside stand, on Van Dyke in Romeo!) just stick in a freezer bag and wash when ready to use.
-fresh garden-grown herbs
-homemade peasant bread
-homemade sloppy joes/attatch buns to the package for quick dinner!
-shredded carrots, celery, onions (for quick add-in's for soup!)
-Meijer's had a great deal on cranberries... on their day-old cart... I took advantage... bought them all and came home and froze them: bread, muffins,etc. wash when ready to use--not before.
-cheese-- when it's on sale
-celery leafs! don't pitch them... wash, pat them dry and add them to any soup or casserole dish for a little extra flavor!

Michele in Mich


Along w/ the usual items..., I freeze:

milk (1/2 gallons are much easier....)
go-gurt (yogurt tubes)

Can you freeze regular cups of yogurt?
What about the Pillsbury breads (c. rolls, grands, cinnamon rolls, etc.)?


Whatever you do, don't freeze sour cream! I figured if you can freeze milk and yogurt you could freeze sour cream. No, it was completely inedible. I got 3 for free and they were wasted!


Ashley ^^^

Do you freeze 6oz cups of yogurt? What kind of yogurt exactly?


We make ahead dinners to freeze. I freeze pork chop dinners, chicken dinners (even cooked with sour cream), chicken parm, meatloaf (make ahead and freeze uncooked, flash freeze many different dishes that are cooked and then freeze together. I make large batches of mac n cheese with Velveeta when we eat one batch for dinner that night and freeze four batches for other nights. Mashed potatoes do not taste very good after they were frozen and neither does any kind of rice meal.

Mom C

My sister has used a vacuum sealer for years so I decided to buy one last summer at Kohl's using my 30% off coupon and sale price and I absolutely love it. We repackage hot dogs into smaller amounts and chicken and everything. We've frozen chili and other liquid items in freezer bags so they will lay flater and take up less space. Cheese looks, feels and tastes like unfrozen cheeze just by vacuum sealing. It was well worth every penny I paid for it. Plus, NO freezer burn. It is amazing what a little air can do! Barb


I smash up bananas that are too ripe and put them in freezer baggies. When I am in the mood to make banana bread, I just pull out of the freezer and defrost it and add it to the recipe. Most of my customers give me their left over bananas if they become too ripe.


I bake the pillsbury items in large bunches when they are on sale, then freeze. I make egg and sausage biscuits, wrap individually and freeze for quick breakfasts. I also cook and flash freeze the cinnamon and crescent rolls for reheating for quick breakfasts or sides/snacks.


My son puts yogurt (6oz) in the freezer all the time for a frozen yogurt treat. Yes yogurt freezes just fine.


My uncle taught me you can freeze bananas just as they are then when you want to make breads or whatever, just peel and thaw.
I personally love prepping one day a week and freezing for convience. I have found that if freezing something in a container, placing plastic wrap over it then putting the lid on, the plastic wrap attracts the "freezer burn".


I have nothing frozen, but meat. :) And I use the ziploc freezer bags with the pump. It sucks out the air and works great to keep my meat from burning. The pump is small enough to keep in a drawer. Wonderful.


This is great...I'm learning a lot.

Ashley, actually you CAN freeze sour cream, just make sure you stir it well once it is thawed and only use it in casseroles and soups.

I have frozen cottage cheese too. But it is the same as sour cream, the texture changes some so you only want to use it in baked dishes.

And we freeze lots of cheese, even blocks of it. My mother-in-law taught me how to freeze it in a way that doesn't make it get so crumbly and it is still good to eat sliced etc. For sake of space, I'll just put the link to the post on my blog where I gave the instructions.