Monday, February 15, 2010

Online Savings

A fellow Metro Detroit blogger, Tashena, of Staying Lean in Oakland County, has the "skinny" (sorry, I couldn't help myself!!!) on saving while making online purchases!

Maximizing Your Online Savings (Thanks for your advice Tashena!)

I'm personally not a big spender with online purchases... I'm a see it, feel it, take it home NOW kind of shopper! What kind of shopper are YOU?



I prefer to see it in person before buying it also. But now that I have 4 kids and homeschool 2 of them, there are times when it's much more practical to order on-line.

Staying Lean

LOL Laura you are so cute! My husband is the same way he has to touch the things he feels. Me I've been shopping on-line since it has existed and before that shopped in catalogs!