Friday, February 12, 2010

Is coupon Spending Worth Your Time?

A SYS reader, Joy, emailed me he link to this very interesting coupon spending article from the Wall Street Journal- check it out! I'd love to hear your thoughts!



I have done the math of how much I save/earn per hour! It is amazing. It is good to see it in print in the WSJ

Staying Lean

That is on my "to do" list to post on my site! I love the article!


Good article..very true!


This is very true! Coupons are what have really allowed me to be a stay-at-home-mom. When we dropped my income I had to 'work' somehow!


Part of the reasons many new moms and some old ones like me are turning to coupons to either stay home with the kids or because jobs just aren't a dime a dozen anymore. For me it is worth every single second I have put in to this "JOB"
Thanks for the post, GREAT article!

Laura Webber

Lisa and Chrys,
Yep! Coupons allow me to feel like a financial team player... while staying home with my little guy!

Mom C

I love the article. I'm going to repost in a couple of places because it really does help a family's bottom line! Barb


I found it amusing to read through some of the readers responses on the wsj site. It is amazing how many just didn't get how you could still feed your family healthy meals AND save money. I know I went from spending $150 a week to less than $50 a week(usually much less) and sometimes don't even have to shop at all because I have a nicely stocked pantry.