Sunday, February 28, 2010

February's Grand Finale

I had the opportunity to shop at SUPER Kroger* today... and I am pretty pleased with my purchases! Man, its been forever since I've shopped SK!

Grocery Total: $138.47
Spent: $19.82 ($3.50 was for the box of Thin Mints... did ya see them?)
Saved: $118.65
Rewards spent: $5 gift card from corporate for leaky milk.

Items purchased with coupons:
KEY: MFC= Manufacturer's coupon, KC= Kroger coupon, IP= Internet printable coupon.

Hefty zip top bags (MFC + rain check), Bounty (MFC), Minute Maid juice (MFC), Welch's juice (IP), Oreo's (Home mailer coupon), Oreo Cakesters (FREE item coupon when you purchase Oreos, from Meijer tearpad), Betty Crocker cake mix (FREE KC), Manwich (home mailer coupon), Cheese its (coupon booklet from Meijer), Reynolds oven bags (MFC), Rubbermaid containers (MFC), Driscoll's strawberries (IP), Cuties (IP), Wholly Guacamolly (MFC), Hormel pepperoni (MFC), Johnson's Buddies (catalina coupon), Colgate (CVS coupon booklet coupon), Disney gummy vitamins (MFC), Lady Speed Stick (CVS coupon booklet coupon), Reach toothbrushes (MFC), and I spent a $2/$10 KC for produce! Wowzers!

*"SUPER Kroger" is the name dubbed for certain Kroger locations (Howell and more north) that double manufacturer coupons up to and including $1! If you would like more info if you are planning to shop at a SUPER Kroger location, visit 1-2-3 Save for the most recent list of weekly FREEBIES!

I also ran to Walgreens tonight, but I paid with a gift card!
Spent: $0
Saved: $40.83
*Dave is super excited to have a couple of Frappachino's in the house again!

February totals update:
Spent: $164.93
Saved: $582.98



Hey Laura! Did they actually have the Bounty basic paper towel again? My mom and I went last Modnay and they didn't have that kind. But they did have a single roll Bounty that was $1.39. How much were those rolls?

Laura Webber

Yep! They aren't the basics... I think that they are a step above, and are all white (which I prefer...)!

They are $1.09/roll, so $.09 after the coupon is doubled.

But BEWARE: my coupons needed to be manually over-ridden by the cashier because they were only giving me $.09 as the doubled price!

You have to be careful with $1/2 types of coupons, the register usually only doubles up to the price of a single items instead of the face value of the coupon!

I meant to post this info, thanks for asking!