Friday, February 19, 2010

"Clean Me Up Spotty:" Loads of Socks Edition

I try to focus on my family's laundry just 1-2 days per week, but often a couple of extra loads creep up on me...

I am one of those people, in that I need to fold my laundry as soon as the dryer beeps- because I all but refuse to iron a whole load of wrinkly clothes (I'd just rewash them!!!).

Sometimes the dryer beeps at the most inopportune time (OK, who failed to plan putting the load in at a better time?), and often I just fold the bigger clothing and leave the socks (and usually undies too) in a lump on top of my dryer.

Recently, instead of lamenting over my lazy approach to sock matching and folding, I decided to celebrate my ingenuity (peppered with a little bit of procrastination... wink) by instilling a new sock catching feature to my laundry room!

The Sock Tub (crazy amazing name huh?) now sits and waits to be filled with clean socks, and when its either brimming (it happens...) or I am in need of some of my favorite pairs- I bring the tub upstairs, without losing a sock- and I have a sock matching fest, followed by dropping off each set of socks in their appropriate drawers!

No more dryer top mess, I love it!



When I was growing up as one of 5 siblings my mom gave us each a set of different colored baby pins and we would pin our socks together. That way when they came out of the dryer all we had to do was look for our own colored pins - no matching involved! I still do it to this day about 20 years later :) It makes one aspect of laundry so much quicker!

Laura Webber

Your Mom was/is brilliant!


That is the most fantastic idea I've ever heard! I have 3 little girls, ages 4 and under, so all their pink socks are about the same size. I can't wait to try this!

Shannon L.

I have 2 year old help me sort socks these days. He gets some learning in and I get some help!