Friday, February 5, 2010

"Clean Me Up Spotty:" Coupon Binder Edition

Recently, my friend Lacey allowed me to video her 'walk through' tutorial on her alphabetized coupon binder system!

Getting organized and creating a system that works for YOU personally, is they key to spending your coupons and saving yourself quite a bit of money!

Next week I'll be sharing my advanced coupon box/filing system!

Thanks again Lacey!


Carrie B

This is FANTASTIC! I am amazed and a tad bit envious of the organizational skills. I am ALL for doing alpha-order! I think this weekend I may very well steal this idea. Thank you Laura and Lacey for this FAB post!

Laura Webber

Glad that it was helpful!

It is a tad bit more work up front... and specially getting started, but shopping with a binder (if that's your style) makes fining your coups a breeze!


Random you have a Facebook page or ever thought about having one? I love going to MMS and getting tips from readers and participating in discussions.

Laura Webber

Hi Kate,
I have a personal Facebook page that I NEVER check!

I don't really have last minute sweet deal finds like Macomb Money Savers does! Plus, I seriously try to limit my time spent online...


Carrie - I'm glad you like it! I had to tweak it until it worked well for me, and now it makes it SO much easier to find what I need. So, find what works for you, and go for it!

And hi, Laura! :-)


Laura - I understand completely!

Question for Lacey - Do you file according to brand name? So would it be Nabisco or Ritz? How specific are you?


Kate - great question. It usually depends on two things - how I tend to think of a product, and what the coupon states. For instance, if it's for $1 off Nabisco Ritz crackers, I would file it under "R," because my mind goes automatically to Ritz and often forgets that they're Nabisco. However, if the coupon happened to state $1 off any Ritz or other Nabisco crackers, I would file it under "N," because other Nabisco products are included. Make sense? Some coupons for multiple products can be tricky to decide which letter to file under, but for the most part it's pretty straightforward.