Monday, February 1, 2010

All Inclusive!!!

I have this handy little blog tracking system that allows me to see how many visitors drop by my site (per day/per month), and generally speaking, where they live (just the state... so NO reverse stalking going on here at Sharpen Your Scissors!).

My tracking system, Google Analytics, keeps tabs on my readership, but only holds the last 30 days worth of information. So, in the last 30 days I have had a visit from at least one person in every US state!!! I've been camping out waiting for a visit from a 'new friend' in Vermont... for months! So whoever Mr. or Mrs. Vermont is... welcome! I'm glad your here!

And to the rest of my great crew of readers... I still love you guys too!

PS: Did you know that collectively, on average, each reader spends 2:05 minutes per visit? That's actually pretty high for a grocery blogger! Thanks for lingering!



Thanks for making such a great site! Thats why I like to linger, and visit again and again! :)

Laura Webber

Hi Coley, Thanks!


How did you get that tracker? I'd love one for my family blog to see if our family is actually reading it. haha

Laura Webber

It is called Google Analytics, my husband hooked my blog to the Analytics site- sorry that I am non computer savvy and that I can't give better advice. Visit and you should be able to find out more information!


How cool. It's fun to see where people are from that are reading your blog. So cool that you got a person from every state!