Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Sweet Carrots

Tutorial Tuesday

Tutorial Tuesday's design is to visually share money saving food preparation techniques along with easy and inexpensive recipes. This week I'm happy to share how to deliciously use up long since forgotten baby carrots!

I am guilty of opening a bag of baby carrots and not eating all of them- only later to discover that they either have turned a little bit slimy or they have dried out completely. Yuck! So I decided to be a little bit more proactive in making sure that our carrots are eaten (especially since they are so healthy!)!

Ingredients: carrots, brown sugar, butter and water.

I'm cooking about 2/3 of a 1 pound bag of carrots. I placed the carrots in a pot with about a cup of water. Make sure to use a pot that has a tight fitting lid, as you will need the carrot water and the nutrients later!

Boil you carrots for 10-15 minutes. This step is very forgiving! You will know that your carrots are tender (thoroughly cooked) when you can easily slide your fork tines right through a carrot.

Next, put your hot carrots and the water into either a blender or a food chopper, and chop the carrots into oblivion!

Place the pureed carrots back into your pot and add 1 tablespoon of butter and 1/8 of a cup of brown sugar. Stir until completely dissolved over low heat.

These carrots now will make an amazing side dish! They are so yummy!

Recipe Recap:
1-ish pound of carrots
1 tablespoon of butter
1/8 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of water

*When my husband walked into the room while I was blending the carrots, he asked me who I was making baby food for... when I mentioned that it was for him, he rolled his eyes. Then, when he tasted the finished product, he gave it his seal of approval!



Your husband sounds like mine. :) Your comment about him made me laugh.

I'm anxious to try this. We love carrots with brown sugar and mustard and butter on them, so it would be interesting to try them this way too.

Laura Webber

Hi Lydia,
Do you puree your carrots that you make with mustard? That sounds so interesting!!!

PS: I LOVED you latest post!


Thanks for all your yummy ideas. Do you ever take sugggestions? I have heard you reference something called "mommy crack" and didn't know if you could maybe do that as a tutorial or post the recipe? I know you are a busy and AWESOME Mom/Wife/Blogger, so if you don't get to it no biggy!


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