Saturday, January 2, 2010

Track Your Savings 2010

I am pretty excited that I tracked all of my savings for the ENTIRE 2009 year. (I'll be sharing it sometime over the next couple of days)!

Tracking my SPENDING helped me to challenge myself to spend less and less over the course of the year. Tracking my SAVINGS helped to keep me excited and motivated!

Angela, from The Coupon Project, is offering her Excel spreadsheet (in downloadable format) to help other coupon spenders to track their spending/saving as well!

If you'd like to read more, click HERE!


Angela R.

Thanks for linking to my Tracker! I am so impressed you tracked your savings for 2009. I hope to follow suit for 2010. Glad to have found your blog - nice site!


Thank you for posting this! I downloaded and started using it yesterday. It's an awesome sheet.

Laura Webber

Good! Angela (thecouponproject) is MUCH more technology savvy that I am ! I'm glad that she is gracious in allowing links to her work!