Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thought Provoking Thursday

Thought Provoking Thursday

If you have little ones, how does less laundry, less mid-meal interruptions and less waste sound?

I recently rediscovered a brilliant IKEA purchase
($1.50/4 pack) that I had long since forgotten... 1 ounce mini ramekins! This picture does not do justice to the just larger than a quarter sized condiment cups, they are ridiculously cute and are well worth their weight in platinum... at least in our house!

My two year old son happens to be a ketchup-a-holic (whoops, he comes by it honestly!)! Bo has never met a scrambled egg that he didn't need to dunk in "chup!"

As much as I love to put a little bit of lycopene in my son's diet, I hate the accidental sleeve dip-age (or greater mess, which sometimes requires an entire outfit change), and the many "more please" requests because his ketchup has being smeared half way across his plate while he's trying to get each bite well coated in red-ness!

Having a specific (and contained... wink) dipping spot has really helped to keep more ketchup landing into Bo's mouth and less excess ketchup from needing to leave the bottle!

Next Webber dipping experiment: Ranch!

How do YOU avoid ketchup overkill at your dinner table?

PS: Gordon Food Service sells paper mini ramekins very inexpensively as well!



I've been doing this for awhile and necer thought of the frugalness of it! :) I also like to use the larger size for snacks like cheezit, fruit etc. Since they are heavier than plastic bowls, they are less likley to get tipped or kicked over.


oops! I meant never.


These are adorable. I want some. I'll take some in the larger size, too. Now I just have to find an Ikea.


wonder if they make a mini dual cup? My son likes ranch and ketchup mixed together and we call this "ranchup"

Laura Webber

Hilarious! I think you are on your 'ranchup-ing' own...


My son STILL makes a mess with ketchup, his very needed condiment. We actually kid him about 'oh, having a little --- with your ketchup?' That's how much he likes it. Good idea about the cups. On a slightly different note: since he loves ketchup and eats it with practically everything, I try to find natural or organic ketchup without HFCS then I might stock up a 'good price' (at least good for natural & organic).