Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Survey

I am super excited to be a guest speaker at a conference geared towards GENEROSITY next weekend!

I'd LOVE to be able to share as many creative ideas for ways to share, give, donate, bless other people with the inexpensive items that YOU have been able to acquire with coupons!

My personal favorites are:
*"Thinking of You" goodie bags
*New Home Starter Kits
*Purchasing loved ones favorite items!

If you feel more comfortable sharing anonymously, please do!


maureen caballero

Hi, Laura!
I attend the church hosting the Generosity Conference this coming week -- we are super excited to have you coming!

Thing is, I signed up to work childcare that day BEFORE I came to your website and got inspired by what you are doing (and how you are doing it.) So, unfortunately, I will miss your session :(.

Wondering if you are doing more of a 'class' format or if it will be more of a general, inspirational type of presentation to get people thinking and eventually doing?

I only found your website when i was perusing the Generosity Conference promo card and your blog name caught my attention. After going through many of your tips and subjects such as, "coupon ethics" (you, go, girl!) I think I'd like to incorporate these strategies in our life for savings and to give more.

Just wondering, though, if you've found that people have to be super-organized to make this work? Organization is NOT one of my strengths, so I'm not sure I should go this route. Thoughts?

Kristin- Stampin' Fanatic!

Hi Laura,

My mom and I love the $1 spot at Target for lots of items: we recently did a car wash "kit" and a gift wrap basket for a party.

I also LOVE to do anything with toothbrushes, mouth wash, etc since I work at a dental office and LOVE teeth. I like the buy one get one toothbrush coupons and stock up when they are on sale! It's perfect for the overnight guests that forget their own!

Laura Webber

Hi Maureen,
I will be speaking about how to begin coupon spending, and how to bless others by incorporating savvy spending techniques into the way you shop! I'll be arriving early and I'll have paperwork that you can get a copy of too!

Staying organized is a key to success, but you don't have to be a super organized person.

Thanks for sharing your idea! I LOVE it!

Mom C

I'm not quite sure what you're asking but I have been able to donate small candies & personal care items for our military mailings. I've also donated a lot of items to a local domestic violence center & crisis pregnancy center. But the best gift was the Christmas "white elephant" gift I took that included expensive shampoos & personal care items that I got for next to nothing. :) I then purchased a pink bag that I saw on Hip 2 Save for $2.50 (total including shipping) that I used for the White Elephant gift. It was the most traded gift of the night!

Laura Webber

Hi Mom C,
You shared exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

maureen caballero

Hi Again Laura! I would absolutely love to get a copy of your 'paperwork'-- when you say you will be arriving early, when exactly do you mean? Perhaps I can track you down at the church and say hello!