Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Survey

I am often asked how I stay organized (pictorial post coming soon..., I promise).

Staying up to date and organized is one of the best tips to saving! When you can easily locate your coupons- you can spend them instead of your hard earned money!

What is YOUR best advice to staying on top of your grocery savings?



stay on top of clipping! Skip a week and suddenly your drowning in coupons.


I have a big binder(with handles that zips). I have all my store cards in sleeves in the front, then I have coupons organized by category. I think leave the coupons in pamphlet form with the list of what is in them from the Sunday preview so I can quickly find and clip as needed. Then when I go to the store I have an envelope with all the coupons I anticipate using, but I have my binder for things I may need.
Your Faithful INdiana follower


I don't clip coupons as I get them. I follow the instructions on and use their grocery database. So fast and easy!

Mom C

I clip all my coupons and store them in two clear .97 shoe boxes from Target. One box contains all my personal care, health care & misc. coupons. The other box has mainly food coupons. I put the coupons in an envelope within each category so I can easily pull out all the coupons at one time before I go shopping to select the ones I want. I always cut one end of the envelope off so that the bigger coupons fit.

When I go shopping, I have a little 10 tab holder like you showed in class. Each tab represents a different store and will hold my $5 gift cards or store catelina's etc. I put my shopping list and coupons in the holder for the store that I'm going to. Depending on where I'm going, I may also put my coupon boxes in the car just so I have them with me but I'm so afraid to leave them in the car. Honestly, they are worth more to me than the car. Isn't that silly?