Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Survey

With TODAY being the BIGGEST coupon insert section (FIVE inserts!!!) for the entire your (kind of like a coupon clipper's holiday!) How many papers have you/or do you plan on picking up today?

For the last several months I have just been picking up 4 papers for my family of three, but TODAY I plan on picking up 6!!!



I'm buying 5 and getting at least 1 set from my parents - The also get an Observer so that's a partial set so I can't count on that one!


I have been only getting 2-3 but recently received 6 coupons for FREE Detroit Free Press papers (because when I bought them previously there were no inserts at all) so I will use all 6 for today! What great timing!

Laura Webber

YOU are so LUCKY Kris!


I have been looking forward to today's paper for awhile, too. I plann on buying 6 when I go to the store later on.


I bought 6 today. One of the papers had an extra Smart Source in it. I love when that happens!


I must give a shout out to my husband. He knew I wasn't looking forward to the COLD (5 degrees in Howell), and knew I really wanted to grab a few before the store ran out (since everyone will be stocking up)so first thing this morning he braved the weather to pick up 5 papers for me. Thanks honey!!!!


Holy cow!! You guys make my 2 papers seem sooo skimpy:)

The Pohl Family

Well call us crazy, but after our paper came this AM (Livingston Press) we looked at all the coupons and my husband went out and bought 10 more, one of which was the Detroit Press (at our local 7-11).

Disappointment set in, all the Livingston Press he brought home were missing the P & G saver insert. So I called to the customer service line, which directed me to circulation and left a message. The woman I spoke to first had said they would refund money, but frankly I want my coupons. My home delivered paper had them, why not these 9?

After church we stopped at Meijer in Brighton, and the Livingston Press there had all 5 inserts, so my hubby got 5 more.

Yes we have a total of 16 papers. However, he is laid off, I do not work, and we stock up on the free yogurt from Kroger in Howell, woo hoo for that.

There was so many good coupons that we just couldn't resist, and although it will hurt us in the beginning it will help us in the long run.


I bought ten! I usuaaly buy five but i love the finish dishwasher soap and i figure the money ill save on that (assuming a good sale hits) will even it out.


I picked up 3... though I was highly disappointed at the regional coupons up north (Saginaw/Bay City/Midland). We are missing SOOO many of the ones I was looking forward to!


I would have loved to pick up at least 1 paper but I was told that people have been buying anywhere from 5-10 papers at a time today and they all sold out so I didn't get any.


I bought four. Laura did your free press have a p&g insert? Mine didn't. I had two red plum, two smart source, and another pillsbury type insert.


I got 6 Detroit Free Press papers and they only had 4 insersts (2 Red Plum & 2 SmartSource) in each of them here in Saginaw. Still worked out good...Aco Hardware has All detergent (50 oz) on sale for $2.99 so after coupons I only paid $0.99 for each!!

Sara D

I did a quick scan at the store and wasn't super excited about what the coupons were I bought 1. Plus the one I get in the mail and mom-in-law gives me her coupons, so I'll end up with 3 of each.

Laura Webber

Hi Gina,
You have all of the local inserts for the DFP. 2 Red Plum, 2 Smart Source and a tiny General Mills. The Proctor & Gamble insert *always* comes with the last paper of the month. *P&G coupons are only good for a month- so they refresh them just before they expire!


I got 6. I have a tip for internet coupons. I don't know if you consider it "ethical" or not. I have a 3-1 printer, scanner, fax. I set my default printer to the scanner. So instead of printing the coupons instantly they save to my coupon. I can print as many as I want when I want.

Amy K

I picked up 16 on my way to church this morning. (I usually buy 6 for my family of 5). Because of couponing, we have been blessed by being able to help out friends and family during these hard times. One of my resolutions is to be able to help out a little more than we have been.


Since so much of my stash went away with 2009, I picked up 11 papers to replenish. So many good coupons too :)

Both miejer and kroger dfp stock was getting skimpy by the time I got there at 8.

Laura Webber

Hi Anonymous,
I hate to be the bearer of sad tidings, but scanning/copying coupons is illegal. Each IP address (we each hae our own for our homes) has a different code, and if the manufacturer decides to survey the coupons that have been redeemed and finds multples with your IP code, you will be charged with coupon fraud (and it really does happen!).

Secondly, good coupons that are fraudulated (does anyone remember getting FREE Cottonelle toilet paper?) get pulled from circulation and ruin it for all of us (you included.)!

Sorry to get a little bit 'preachy,' but I really miss my FREE Cottonelle!


Point taken! I actually had to start doing this because otherwise they would not print to my printer. I will limit printing to two coupons. I honestly did not know.

Laura Webber

Hi Anonymous,
Hey- I'm not upset at all! There is a LOT to learn about couponning (which is why teach classes...wink!).

I wish that the coupon printing were more standardized...


I bought four papers, but am thinking I will order more of the Electrasol coupons on eBay!


just wondering about coupon ethics: If you have 2 computers can you print coupons from each? Also why don't you post what insert the coupons come from like 12/6 red plum? Thanks, I just found you site. keep up the good work.