Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spending/Saving Saturday January 17-23

This week, I actually decided to shop towards the end of the week! I feel like I've been on a two week hiatus, with only shopping at Meijer early and late in the week last week- and boycotting the stores until Friday (no particular reason... just busy!).

Grocery shopping by Dave:

Grocery total: $12.00
Spent: $12.00
Saved: $0 *Read the funny story here!

Grocery shopping at Meijer 1/22

Grocery total: $53.84
Spent: $19.13
Saved: $34.71

Grocery shopping at Costco (hot dogs) and GFS (Romain): 1/22

Grocery total: $12.78

Household shopping at Target 1/22

Household total: $34.22
Spent: $4.88
Saved: $29.34

Grocery shopping at Kroger 1/22

Grocery total: $25.66
Spent: $8.47
Saved: $17.19

Grocery shopping at Meijer 1/23
*Not pictured (more wipes)

Grocery total: $24.35
Spent: $2.85
Saved: $21.50

WOWZERS! I used to shop like this every week (several stores), I'm exhausted and thankful that these mega shopping events are a rarity for me!

Weekly Total: $162.85
Spent: $60.11
Saved: $102.74



Hi there - just out of curiosity, did you get the $3 catalina when you buy any 2 Huggies products to work with the smaller tubs of wipes you bought? It looks like you bought a ton of wipes and we are on our last box... I would love to get a great deal, but didn't think the catalina worked with the smaller tubs.

Laura Webber

It DID work! I was thrilled! I purchased Huggies wipes on Friday and today I picked up Scott's and Huggies flushable wipes- both gave the catalina as well!


Do you freeze your sour cream and cottage cheese?

Laura Webber

Cottage cheese: Yes... kind of, I like to make several pans of Lasagna and freeze some for later.

Sour cream: Nope. I'm thinking of making Mashed Potato Soup and tacos soon, and I like to take advantage of the sales. I also think that I will make a dip for snacks to take to our mid week Life Group at our church this week (


That is great news on the Huggies wipes. I will be making a special trip today too, hopefully I can get the catalina too! Thanks so much!


Just to let you know - I went to Meijer today and bought 4 tubs of Huggies wipes (in two separate transactions) and was able to get two $3 Catalinas! Thanks so much for that, as I was getting ready to make homemade wipes! ;)

Laura Webber

I have totally made home made wipes too!


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