Sunday, January 31, 2010

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: All I have to say is seriously! ? Can you elaborate a little? For ex: at Kroger, are you using coupons (and are they recent coupons) and sale prices only?

Talking about this post.

Me: Sorry that this post is frustrating to you. Other readers have asked me to share these posts. I would LOVE to elaborate in great detail- but I have a husband and a toddler that are much more important to me and much more fun to spend time with than my computer!

I've had to set boundaries for my blogging; I've decided to share what I anticipate purchasing in my Grocery Game plans that I post on Mondays and to keep my drug store purchases to myself since I am not interested in flaunting tampon purchases or the like...

I began this blog as 'follow-up care' to the students who have taken my classes. In the world-wide-web filled with bloggers, I have chosen to develop my own style and view of what coupon spenders really need to know... to set myself apart!

There are, however, several other bloggers who are fantastic at giving you the deal scoop, in fact that is exactly why I have links to some of my personal favorite blogs available along my right sidebar.

I prefer to take 'teachable moments' and share the how's and why's rather than share copy-cat-able deals for my readers to duplicate!

My hope is that this blog inspires others to gain control of their grocery/household spending- realizing that they don't NEED be at the stores mercy, but that they can receive the products that their family uses most frequently... for less than FULL retail!

So... I care for my family by ethically spending coupons on the products that we purchases most often, by stockpiling our most used items (purchasing in quantity) before we actually need them. I rarely purchase an item that is not on sale and without a coupon... with the exception of produce, dairy and holiday foods.

I'm sorry that some days I am just not able to elaborate with great detail when I have a posting schedule (Saturdays are my spend/save post and I shopped Saturday afternoon).

To continue answering your question, the Kroger that you are referencing I have actually called SUPER Kroger. SUPER Kroger (which I talk about at my classes and I have posted about here several times, there is a tab on my side bar dedicated to SUPER Kroger) is a Kroger that doubles coupons up to $1.

I will, however, keep your comment in mind and try to post as much detail as possible, but like I said before, blogging takes time away from my family and other priorities. I'll continue to share what I have learned, and what I put into practice for my own family, and I'll keep spending my coupons ethically and I'll keep keeping it real!



I thought the same thing about your Kroger post. For $5.91 you bought six boxes of Finish among plenty of food. I never saw those drop in price so much that they'd be free even with a $2.50 coupon. I feel like the pictures of your trips are pretty much useless if we don't have any info or tips to replicate the visit ourselves. I'd really stop the pictures if you don't offer any additional info and just focus on other things and your family!


Some people are so rude. Didn't you just read that she has a life outside of blogging. You could always send her a nice comment. She seems to be pretty good with responding quickly.


I was actually not trying to be rude, just pointing out maybe it wouldn't be a good use of her time. I'm being sincere that she could spend time on her family and other parts of her blog if the photos don't really offer anything to her readers. That's all!


I realize that some of the totals can seem unbelievable. I think I know how she does it most of the time though....I think she buys items that are on sale, has coupons for those items that creates overage plus she uses Walgreens register rewards. She does not post her drug store shopping but my guess is she does it all at Wallgreens and accumulates a lot of RR's that she uses on groceries.

The Electrasol was $2.99 at Kroger and I guarantee she had near overages on the Quakes, Rotel and Hormel with coupons. I think the chips were on sale for $1. Kroger was having the mega savings event this week.

I also guess she has an enormous stockpile right now. As the year progresses I think we'll see some totals going up. Sometimes I wonder how she does it too :)


The pictures are very helpful. I like that I can get a visual of the actual product I am looking for on the shelf. It makes it much easier in my opinion. Please keep posting them.


There are already so many blogs that do post the exact deal that Laura wasting her time to post those exact same deals would be overkill.

I read this blog as inspiration - not as a list of the deals so thanks for doing what you're doing! :)

Laura Webber

Thanks for so many of your kind words! I sincerely appreciate them!

I just responded in post format!


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