Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: Whoa. Wait....what...? You can use RR from WAGS at Meijer? Like the $ off RR?! Please clarify.

Me: Yup! Sweet huh!?!

I often will make purchases at Walgreens that will earn myself Register Rewards (AKA: store reward money) and I will spend them at a location other than Walgreens.

You see, Register Rewards are actually Manufacturer's coupon (look at the picture!) And Manufacturer's coupons can be spent anywhere that accepts coupons.

The only glitch is that Register Rewards say "redeemable at Walgreens." Yes, they definitely are redeemable at Walgreens, but they are also redeemable elsewhere- but ONLY if the other stores choose to accept them.

Catalina Marketing, the maker of the coupons, and I have had a few in depth conversations. (*I prefer speaking with the legal department rather than a customer care representative!) I have been told that any store that accepts the Register Rewards will be fully reimbursed by the manufacturer for the value stated on the coupon! Yay for us!

Now... stores other than Walgreens DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT your Register Reward!!! It is their choice! There is nothing that you can do.

My advice:

1. Ask your store manager the next time that you are shopping if they will accept your Register Reward. You can take the time to explain that they will indeed get reimbursed.

2. If you are asking while standing at a cash register, ask the Manager if (s)he would mind just trying to scan the coupon... it will scan, and sometimes that helps to make up their mind to accept the Register Reward.

3. If your store chooses to accept Register Rewards as a form of payment- still expect to have to explain this to your cashier each and every time you shop with them, because your cashier will look at you like you have six heads!

If your store refuses to allow you to spend your Register Rewards with them... shop around! My favorite Meijer does not allow me to spend my RR's, but a Meijer five minutes further down the road welcomes me to spend them in their store... and ten extra minutes in the car for FREE groceries is well worth my time!

PS: I almost always will send my Register Reward money on meat. This way I can have meat in my freezer ready to make any meal that we normally eat- and it makes keeping my budget low much easier!


The team

Ok, so what Meijer do you go to that allows you to use them? I am in Livonia!

Staying Lean

Yes please tell us which Meijer's that is!


My Wal mart also accepts them. It took a little convincing, but after being told by corporate that they do in fact accept them (after this conversation I also received a $25 gc for my incoveinence from the store mgr) I dont have a problem any longer.

Laura Webber

The Middlebelt & 96 does NOT accept! The 14 & Haggerty area store DOES accept the RR's!

Laura Webber

PS: I've never tried anywhere else than Meijer!


Wow - with all the coupon/deal blogs I read that's something I never knew!

The team

Thanks Laura! 14 & Haggerty is just down the street from my work!!


WOW thats so neat. I wish I lived anywhere close to a Meijer.
Different states have all of the good grocery stores.


This is craziness! I can't wait to see if my local store will honor these. What a great way to creatively save on meat!


OK....I posted the original Q....and I must say this is *revolutionary*

I have previously asked about the Target coupons that ARE MQs and their response was " long as it scans we are fine w/ it..."

It I presume their attitude would be the same w/ these.

Kudos to you for this discovery :)


I have an off subject question. I have tried using the mealbox feature on two computers. I have updated browsers. It tells me the page is not there. ANy suggestions. This is for the widget.


Anonymous ^^^

Here is the link to the mealbox Qs directly:

Click on the "specials" tab :)

Laura Webber

*, Thanks for the Mealbox help! I also have a highlighted link at the bottom of each of my Meijer Grocery Game Plans!

The Pohl Family

I have tried to use MF's from other stores at Brighton Target and got a flat out "NO" we will not get our money back. However, when I spoke to Target corporate, they said they would get their money back, however if the logo for another store is on there then it is the stores decision and the woman even said if I could cut off logo that would be easiest.


I think I'm going to attempt this at my Meijer. Should I ask to speak to the manager first? (there's a few customer service people that aren't the nicest & others are super nice so it depends on whose available that day)

Laura Webber

I'd ask for the manager's approval!


Keep posting stuff like this i really like it