Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: Why don't you post what insert the coupons come from like 12/6 red plum?

Me: I do NOT consider myself a coupon match-up site! 'Labeling' the coupons with a date and insert takes HOURS of tedious work! I consider the bloggers who graciously offer their skills of being "match-up artists" as SUPER Heros in the blog-o-sphere! Seriously, they do the dirty work for the rest of us! I'd much rather leave the highly skilled work of matching to those who enjoy bringing it to you!

Jolyn, of Macomb Money Savers is incredibly gifted in bringing both you and I (a week NEVER goes by without my in depth peek into her grocery deals) the highlighted sale items, everyday best deals and catalina promotions for all of our Metro Detroit grocery chains!

Chrys, of Coupon Crazy Chrys is a MASTER player at the Drug Store Game! Chrys not only brings us the local Metro Detroit drug store match-ups, she also creates weekly deal scenarios for us to duplicate!

Honestly, none of us (myself included) would shop as well as we do without Jolyn and Chrys working long and hard behind the scenes for our benefit!!!

So I prefer to link my posts to the Master Match-up artists each week, Macomb Money Savers for my Grocery Game Plan posts, and Coupon Crazy Chrys for my Drug Store Deals!

(Any kind words for these ladies, I'm sure, would be greatly appreciated!)



I've often thought the same thing, Laura, that that is A LOT of work to do all that matching up of circulars, coupons, exp. dates, etc. I am GRATEFUL every day for these ladies' hard work. But I do have to say also, Laura, that without your blog and class, I definitely wouldn't be a coupon spender like I am now. Your site was my initial inspiration, so my hat is off to you, too!


Laura Webber

Pam, you are so sweet! Thank you!

Staying Lean

I love their websites as well and totally agree. While I still go to Kroger.com and VGs website to look for additional deals and organic things the are my basis and they do a good job no need to duplicate work!