Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grocery Game Plan: Kroger

Here are my favorite stockpilable items this week, 1/25- 1/31, at Kroger!

Feel free to visit to view the complete ad.


Purchase 10 participating items, receive $5 off your purchase
These are my favorite participating items:

Pepsi 2L,

Franks Hot Sauce,
Spend the $.50 MFC
Total: $.19

French's mustard,
Spend the $.30 MFC
Total: $.59

Goldfish Crackers,

Philly cream cheese,

Quaker Quakes,
Spend the $.75 MFC
Total: $.04

Hormel Chili,
Spend the $.55/2 MFC
Total: $.49/can when you purchase 2

Baby carrots,

Visit macombmoneysavers for the entire listing of sales this week at Kroger for the Metro Detroit area.


*Kroger sale prices are available to those who shop with a Kroger Savings Club Card. You will only receive the sale price discounts when you shop with your card. If you don't have a Kroger Savings Club Card, just stop by the Customer Service desk and sign up for a card so that you may begin reaping the discounts immediately.

*Kroger will double Manufacturer coupons up to and including $.50.

*NEW!!! Kroger now limits the number of coupons allowable to 3 identical coupons per like items. Purchasing several flavors/varieties side steps this limit!

*Rain checks for out of stock items are available at the customer service desk.

*Kroger offers a 'brought my own bag' discount of $.05 per bag.

*If you are headed to SUPER Kroger (108 W. Highland Rd., Howell MI 48843 (517) 552-0126) the most local Kroger that doubles coupons up to and including $1 (up to THREE identical coupons) visit 123Save for the best deals for the current week's promotions.

AND AS ALWAYS, please leave me a comment if I have missed a deal... Thank you!


Becky C

Any idea what happened to the 123save blog with Super Kroger info? I tried it last night, and then tried your link just now, and it says "the blog you were looking for was not found."


I did the same thing yesterday and again today.

Laura Webber

123 Save accidentally was spammed and closed temporarily, but Blogger and Courtney (the blog author) are working out the details! She will be up and running soon!


I was wondering that too! Thanks for clearing it up! I miss that page too!


Laura -

Cheese and Electrosol are are also part of the $5/10 item deals!

w/ the coupons that were just in Sundays papers cheese is less than $1 plus the buy $20 get the $2 Catalina!

Electrosol is .49 if you have the $2.50 coupon and the $5 off/10 items! I still have these coupons so i'm excited!


Laura Webber

Suh- WEET~ Thanks for the additional deals! I'm going to for sure be Krogering this week!


I did not realize that you only get two rewards of $5 back per day. Well, I had 80 items and my bill ended up being $30 more than I figured. Well, my grocery total was $315 and I spent $98 out of pocket. If I did this more strategically, I would have only spent $68. Well, I am still learning the rules. Oh yeah, I shopped at super kroger!

Laura Webber

Hi Anonymous,
I had no idea that it was a limit of two per transaction, bummer! Did you talk with customer service? Maybe they'd work with you?

GREAT shopping by the way...