Friday, January 22, 2010

"Clean Me Up Spotty:" Storage Container Edition

I have decided to forgo my meal plan Friday posts... it is way too much of a 'force' for my family! We enjoy making dinner choices on a whim, and deciding what to eat so far in advance and then trying to stick to it- well, that was just too stressful for me (such a sad, yet honest reality)!

So instead, which I think will me WAY more fun for both you and I, I have decided to post about something very near and dear (and significantly needed in our home) to my heart...


Nothing smells quite as fresh as a recently organized space! Twenty-Ten is MY year to declutter, streamline and get organized! Each Friday (hmmm, I've said that before... wink!) I will share a specific spot in my house that I have revolutionized- purely for my own sanity, but that I think could inspire you to do the same!

I'd cheesily like to call it "Clean Me Up Spotty" (shoot, I'm admitting that I've seen WAY too many episodes of Star Trek!)! What do YOU think?

If you've got a better (maybe classier) name- please, please, please let me know. Until then...

"Clean Me Up Spotty:" Storage Container Edition

I am a total sucker for storage containers! I love the cute sizes and the pretty colors- and when they are on sale and I happen to have matching coupons, well... I'm head over heels for my brimming cart o' plastic!

The problem is that I often like to expand my arsenal of containers to include a myriad of sizes... because what if I happen to need a 3/4 cup container for my leftover ______? Or what if my 2 cup containers are just too big?

And so I have become overwhelmed with too much plastic!

Last week I decided to undertake matching all of my tops and bottoms. Any container missing its lid... hasta luego!!! Any lid without a matching container... ta ta forever!!! (This step feels seriously GOOD!)

Then I decided to take a hard look at all of my options. It made a lot of sense for me to pare down my surplus to only specific sizes and shapes. Stacking is a beautiful thing!

I then grabbed an empty sweater sized storage box, and I sorted and organized all of the lids inside.

Now when I am tempted by a great sale and coupons (I always am!!!) to purchase more of my favorite kitchen work horses... I know exactly which brands and sizes I should stick to purchasing... thank goodness that new colors appear each new season!


Therese S

WOW, what a great give me the courage to try organizing my cupboard that i've been throwing my containers in hoping that I will be able to match them up later.

Laura Webber

I am LOVING my new organization! I bet you'll feel much better after you cupboard is organized too!


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