Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Survey

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I get a little antsy just before the turn of the next year.

My mind is usually scrambling for some kind of new year's resolution to attach myself with... Some years I have simply chosen to boycott a resolution- not that I'm perfect (wink) but that I don't want to be deeply disappointed with myself by mid-January!

Last year, my resolution perspective changed! I opted for the REVOLUTION of changing lives through teaching coupon classes (not such a silly idea after all!!!). This year I'm planning on focusing more inwardly- and I am planning a year of purging unnecessary junk from my life. I'm feeling the weight of stuff overload in our home, and my new goal is to streamline what we really need (toys, books, clothing...) and live a little bit more organized and a lot more minimalistically!

You? Are you planning a resolution for 2010?


Kristin- Stampin' Fanatic!

I'm doing what most people do- going on a diet. I lost 60 pounds about 9 years ago and have gained all of it back, plus 40 more. Getting married, having a baby, and life in general made me put myself last. I'm the mission to lose the weight AND to keep my healthy meals CHEAP by cutting coupons!


This year I have a couple of resolutions actually. I am saving for a family vacation to Disney by using coupons, rebates, selling things around the house... and another resolution is to read the Bible this year.

Carrie B

Yes, I have my share of resolutions. I'd rather have SMART goals, but ah well. Hey, I found a Christian marriage site that is hosting an accountability/competition/combo thing for resolutions. Improve Yourself 2010 at Engaged Marriage. I'm a partial sponsor :) You and your readers should join! Totally free and steeped in good, old-fashioned accountability.


I have given up resolutions. I do goals instead. Goals sound better to me. If I fall off the wagon (the resolution) it sounds like I failed. If I have a goal, I can fall and then just dust myself off and head towards the goal again. I have several goals for 2010. Pay off the house, develop my new business Clutter TOSS (Totally Organized Simply Simple) and exercise on my treadmill more then twice a week.