Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Survey

Well, I am due to take my son for a couple of immunizations soon (which I dread, of course!). But instead of going to get shots at the pediatricians office, we will be heading to the local Health Department since we can get the same immunizations for FREE!

That got me thinking about other things that I will no longer be a slave to paying for, like: toothpaste (rampantly FREE in the Spring) ,
deodorant (I purchase trial size products that are FREE after coupons)
and shampoo/conditioner (I have no loyalties- so I will try any new brand that I can get for FREE!).

What have you decided isn't worth forking over cash for any longer?


Amy K

I don't pay for office visits for the vet for yearly shots! Like the health department, the humane society gives routine immunizations to dogs and cats for the cost of the shot. They also test for and dispense heart worm pills.


I don't buy as much name brands as I did. I tend to do more shopping when there are sales with my coupons. Anything that isn't NEEDED isn't bought! LOL..


I don't pay for paper towels any more. If I have to, I won't buy it. Thank you super kroger.

Samantha Vershum

paper plates, paper towels, cleaning supplies, kleenex, toilet paper, noodles, there are many that I stock up on when they are free with coupons. I have over a year supply of many items if not a 5 year supply.


I don't get immunizations for my kids at all anymore, not since learning about Mary Tocco's website and what is in the vaccines (aborted fecal tissue, which makes it a religious issue for me). see the site at:

Laura Webber

Hi M,
I understand that we may not all feel the same way about immunizations, and that they are a very personal decisions. Thank you for your linking site and for gently touching on this topic. We are VERY minimalistic in our immunization selecting, thank you for caring about my family!


I don't pay for nearly all of our cosmetic/personal care items such as razors, body wash, bar soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes. Thanks to the 3 drug stores in our area and coupons, I can get all this for free! I feel so grateful!


I'm just starting on the coupon journey. I look forward to stocking up on all the items everybody is mentioning!!

The Pohl Family

I agree with many of the posts, there are so many things I get for Free or very little, Thanks to what I have learned from you, and many of the sites you have linked us too.

Just today at Super Kroger in Howell, we got 3 Welches drinks (cold case) for Free with the $1 off coupons that came yesterday.

I also usually buy my detergent at Costco, I get this one call Eco ?? and it does 110 loads, usually about $14. They had a coupon not long ago that made it under $10. But in the Target matchups on macombmoney savers I have learned to get travel size free. But I also learned to watch for good coupons from you and the others.

So just today as well. Kroger has Wisk, and All on sale for 3.99. I had $2 off coupons and $1 off coupons. These were 1.99 in the end. They each do 35 loads. I bought 5. That is 175 loads (which I actually cut my detergent back to last longer) for under $11. I got way more for less or about the same if you count what I paid last time.

I have tons of detergent right now.

We pretty much only coupon shop. If it isn't free or extremely cheap we don't get it. We also will us coupons we wouldn't normally use if they are free to $.50, especially for donation purpose.

Still need to Meijer shop, we ran out of time, and have only a truck right now, that with 2 adults and a car seat with baby, made for little room.