Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

***Please read to the tune of Santa Clause is Coming to Town!***

I'm making a list,
I'm checking it twice,
I'm trying to find out
What's been helpful and nice

Sharpen Your Scissors is planning some FUN!

I see that you've been learning,
And you've been cooking too,
I hear that you'd like more of this
So what's a girl to do?
I'm making some plans
I'm excited to say,
I'm ending this year
With LOTS of give aways!

Sharpen Your Scissors loves GIVE AWAYS!!!

The prizes all include,
A daily gift card winner,
$50/day is up for dibs
So make sure that you enter!!!
I've also got more planned
its hiding you see
the Grand Unveiling will be
in January...

Sharpen Your Scissors loves to CELEBRATE!

I've got BIG plans for the new year,
I'm geeked beyond belief!
I can't wait to reveal them...
So check back EVERYDAY!!!

So make sure to enter each day
between December 26 & 31
to be a lucky winner
of cash and to have some fun!

Sharpen Your Scissors is planning some FUN,
Sharpen Your Scissors LOVES give aways,
Sharpen Your Scissors loves to CELEBRATE,
yes, Sharpen Your Scissors loves to CEL-E-BRATE!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas! Love, Laura





YIPPEE!!!! Merry Christmas!!


Yay! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Laura!!


AHHHH! Of course we'll be in the north woods with no internet! I wanted Disney they wanted snow and snowmobiling! Good Luck!
Jessica M


Merry Christmas!!


Cool! Merry Christmas!