Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer (and GFS)

Grocery Total: $59.96
Spent: 20.01 & Saved: $39.95
***I had to return a block of cheese that molded before I had opened it. I received $2.13, so I actually only spent $17.88 for the above groceries!
23 coupons spent

I spent my $5/$25 Meijer coupon that I posted about earlier- hurry, they expire in a week!

I also made a quick stop at Gordon Food Service... I seriously LOVE that place!!!

Romain lettuce is too pricey at the grocery store... $3.99 for 3 small, not so great looking heads. Costco, my usual purchasing place has not had any in stock (since Romain isn't really in season right now), but I would purchase 6 good looking heads for $4.49.

But while on a quick visit to GFS I checked out their lettuce than they had 2 pound pre-chopped bags for $3.99!!! Filled with good looking lettuce! I was so excited!

I also picked up a large packet of Hidden Valley Ranch for seasonings in some recipes... for $2.79!

GFS spending: $6.78