Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday Survey

I LOVE Black Friday (I actually call it PINK Friday!)- I haven't skipped shopping these terrific sales in 13 years! I was worried that I may go into labor while shopping, two years ago, but thankfully my son stayed locked and loaded and on the inside where he belonged!

Do I plan to shop again this year... you betcha!!! I usually leave the house at 4:30am. My breakfast is usually a leftover slice of Thanksgiving turkey washed down with a gulp of Cherry Coke (similar to fruit juice don't ya think?)- and I'm out the door!

Usually I head to Meijer first, since they are a 24 hour store and I don't need to stand in line! Most items are on display and you can put them in your cart, you just can't check out before 5am. (Door buster deals usually don't hit the floor until 5am.)

Then I hit Kohl's- more or less to stay in the warmth until Jo Ann's opens (next door). I heart the crafty girl store. Finally, I round out my morning by going to the drug stores. I was pleasantly surprised to score 64 count boxes of Crayola's for $.99 and Matchbox cars for $.39 at Walgreen's last year.

Are you planning on shopping the Black Friday sales? If so, how early will you be heading out (will you even bother sleeping at all?)? Do you have any shopping strategy that you'd be willing to share?

I'm excited to see what deals may pop up this year!


Becky C

I have never shopped on Black Friday. I've always been a little afraid to shop with a bunch of crazies fighting over stuff. Is it really worth fighting the crowds for the deals you can get?


I've never shopped Black Friday either, mainly because I'm too pooped after the 2-week preparation for Thanksgiving (cleaning house from top to bottom; planning, shopping for, and preparing food; and, the clean up - although hubby usually helps with clean up). I love sleeping in a bit on Friday and spending time my boys. Anyway, I may try it this year; since I've been spending coupons, finding great deals is such a good feeling!

I finally made it out to the Kroger Howell today. I saved $107.30!! Admittedly, I still spent $175 but I don't have time to go to several stores so I purchased almost everything we'll need for the week, including milk, OJ, produce...items that were not on sale and/or that I didn't have coupons for. My husband was impressed, especially since he was the one who HAD to figure out how much gas I was going to use up driving that far! lol He's happy with the results.

Thanks, Laura! I want to join you the next time!


Laura Webber

I have to admit that I shop MORE for the thrill of the hunt and to rub shoulders with other shopping addidcts. I however, spend less than $50 on things that we actually need/use or for gifts, and I am back in bed by 8am!

Laura Webber

Hey Pam, sweet shopping!

Carrie B

I stopped doing Black Friday sales. Last year I did hit Dell for a new laptop, but I was in pajamas at home. I can't take the crowds. In previous years, my sisters, mom and I would go out into Columbus (we Thanksgiving-ed at my sister's in OH) and go thrift store shopping. That was family bonding! This year the folks are in Florida, so it's just us along with one sister. Perhaps this year I will celebrate Buy Nothing Day? Deals or not, our Christmas list is small and I can't take the crowds. Now, the sales after Christmas I might do...


Old navy opens at 3! Looks like that will be my first stop. The rest of my shopping strategy will be planned after reading all of the ads. Thsi year, I will definitely utilize my drug stores more than ever since I have a better concept on shopping with coupons!


Usually if I don't have to work that day I love to go shopping. I go for the thrill and hope to get some deals. Since I have learned to become a better shopper this years deals at the major stores don't really look like such bargains. So i may end up shopping at the drug stores. Good luck everyone who goes shopping!!


I look at the ads on Thanksgiving and put my game plan together. Then I call my mom and we decide where and when. Even though I'm done shopping by then, I just love getting up and watching people get crazy throughout the day. I usually end up buying for myself. But, I hope to get out by 4:30 with my chocolate donuts and milk in one of my kids tupperware cups with a lid. :) Now, that's a breakfast of champions. :) lol


This year's ads are not thrilling me, but I will hit Target on the way to work. I bought the camcorder that is a BF deal last night and the cashier told me I could go back on BF to get the difference credited. If they give me a hard time, I will return it and buy it again at the BF price!


Who doesn't shop on black friday! My mom, sisters and I actually stay up all night and hit the outlets first at midnight!! So much fun!! Then we hit jcpenny, kohls, and whatever ones are on the list! So much fun!!!

We spend the holiday up north...K-mart is the only store in town - which usually doesn't excite me :(


Wow, starting at midnight and at 3 am?? Do those of you who do that actually host a big Thanksgiving dinner? I ask because I'm always so tired and can't wait to hit the sheets once everyone has left and our kitchen is cleaned up.

Ok, having said that, I am seriously considering hitting Meijer nice and early, like Laura mentioned. I just found a deal on a gift that I can't wait to give my hubby for Christmas and I can save atleast $70...hmmmm, should I go?

I love it, Laura, that you're back in bed by 8 am, though! That wouldn't work here because everyone is up at 7 am and I don't like sleeping once everyone is up; I feel like I'm missing out on the fun!

Enjoy, everyone! Happy saving!


Thanks, Laura. I was REALLY excited having saved so much. When is the next time you're planning a shopping trip to the Howell Kroger? When you go, do you just buy the absolute deals or do you do all your shopping? I had to do all my shopping because I did't have time to go from store to store. I will leave earlier next time, though, so I can hit Meijer or Walmart to be able to do better on my overall savings. (I did look out for that lady who was handing out her business cards, but didn't see her.)


Oops, forgot to sign my name. :-)

Amy K

The thought of large crowds and crazy shoppers makes me run the other way! My husband has slept in line for the "must have" Wii a few years back. I on the other hand, sit in my jammies drinking hot coffee shopping on the internet. Last year I completed all my shopping-taking advantage of free shipping and 'black friday' sales. I saved 67% and only bought items on my lists. I was also able to have items wrapped and shipped directly to family out of state. (for free). This year I plan to do the same and stay as far away from the stores as humanly possible.


Hi Laura! This year, I took my kids to Toys R Us to register their own "wish lists". I don't know why I haven't done this in the past!?! Now that all the grandparents and myself have this, We are going to have their dreams totally covered.
I've already been comparing the Black Friday ads to see who has the greatest deal.
I think I may show up at Toys R Us first since they open for door busters at midnight.


Yep, I shop Black Friday every year. Like some others, I shop more for the thrill than anything - last year I think I spent less than $200. But I also look for things that we need, in addition to gifts. I will make my gameplan up on Thanksgiving night, and will probably be out by 4 am Friday morning. We actually have one Thanksgiving dinner on Friday this year, so I am hoping to make it back to bed for a few hours before that (at noon)!


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