Wednesday, November 4, 2009

National VS. Store Brand

I was pretty surprised when I glanced at children's Tylenol prices as I passed the end cap that they were displayed on while shopping at Target.

I am far more likely to purchase children's Tylenol at CVS or Walgreen's with store reward money- to keep my out of pocket spending low. I more often that not will even purchase the drug store brand just to save a little bit more money.

So I was shocked to find Target's 'Up' brand Acetaminophen (same one ounce size) for 75% less than Tylenol! I think I've just changed purchasing locations...



I noticed the same thing while buying hydrocortisone cream at Target yesterday. I bought the Up & Up brand also had a large Up & Up coupon book that just came in the mail from Target too!


Wow what a difference! I tend to buy off brand already for my medicines.

Becky C

I have heard that there may be some concerns regarding store brands and generics, with regards to where they are manufactured and how "safe" they are. I'm not sure what validity there is to these claims, but I always try to be cautious especially when buying medicines for my litte ones.
So, recently I have been trying to find the best price I can, but stick with the brand name.
It might be worth looking into where the "Up" brand is manufactured and by whom. Just a thought...

Laura Webber

Great thought! I'll check it out!


Wow, thanks for the heads up. That is a pretty amazing price. A

In regards to what Becky C. said, I used to work at a national chain pharmacy and I know that most, if not all, of their store brand health care items were made at the same plant as name brand items. (In fact, one time we had store brand batteries come in a Duracell package!). Also, stores typically make 50% profit on their if Target decided to take a smaller profit to undercut other stores, I can easily see how they can charge this and still have a quality product.

Also, the only difference between brand and generics is the product that is used as "filler". In other words, the actual drug is the same, and has to be approved by the FDA, it is just the filler items used to make the rest of the pill/liquid that can vary.

I still do agree though Becky C., it never hurts to find out where a drug is manufactured. So often we can become lazy consumers and trust everything we hear and read.

Okay, sorry for the "sermon"!

Laura Webber

Thanks for the sermon- we should investigate what we give to our children, and I thank you for your inside scoop!


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