Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shop Your Way to FREE Phone Coverage!


Shocking isn't it?

My friend Amy just picked up a Blackberry knock off (full keyboard) for $49!

Amy excitedly says "The "fees" and terms (rollover, unlimited text, etc) are the "same" (basically) as a Virgin Mobile pay as you go phone. It even runs on the Sprint Network, just like Virgin Mobile, but the best part of this "Kroger phone" is that you can tie up to 2 store rewards cards and earn free minutes!!! 20 minutes for every $100 you spend in a 30 period.Then phone itself was $49 (with Kroger card) and it comes with 300 minutes and you get an additional 200 minutes when you register your store card to the phone. I'm so excited the shopping I do now, will pay for my CELL PHONE =)"

Check out for additional information~ ...Just think of all of the talking, texting, and tweeting that Amy can do now!!!


I am SO EXCITED!! I have an OLD pay as you go phone and would LOVE to upgrade to something that I can still afford, but maybe even TEXT with :O THANKS for passing this information along!


What do you mean when you say 30 period?

Laura Webber

I believe thar Kroger bases the minutes earned by dividing the year into thirty day time fromes for a 'typical' month!

More info can be found at the website that I linked to!


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