Monday, November 16, 2009

Grocery Game Plan: Kroger

Here are my favorite items this week, 11/19- 11/22 at Kroger!

Feel free to visit to view the complete ad


Turkey, $.49/pound, limit 1, with an additional $10 purchase

Cool Whip, $.99/tub

Nestle chocolate chips, $2.49
Spend the $.50 (doubles) MFC
Total: $1.49/bag

Ritz crackers, $1.99/box
Spend the $1/1 MFC
Total: $.99

Visit macombmoneysavers for the entire listing of sales this week at Kroger for the Metro Detroit area.


*Kroger sale prices are available to those who shop with a Kroger Savings Club Card. You will only receive the sale price discounts when you shop with your card. If you don't have a Kroger Savings Club Card, just stop by the Customer Service desk and sign up for a card so that you may begin reaping the discounts immediately.

*Kroger will double Manufacturer coupons up to and including $.50.

*NEW!!! Kroger now limits the number of coupons allowable to 3 identical coupons per like items. Purchasing several flavors/varieties side steps this limit!*Rain checks for out of stock items are available at the customer service desk.

*Kroger offers a 'brought my own bag' discount of $.05 per bag.

*If you are headed to SUPER Kroger (108 W. Highland Rd., Howell MI 48843 (517) 552-0126) the most local Kroger that doubles coupons up to and including $1 (up to THREE identical coupons) visit 123Save for the best deals for the current week's promotions.

AND AS ALWAYS, please leave me a comment if I have missed a deal... Thank you!