Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bonus Tutorial: Cranberry Relish

This easy and delicious recipe takes about 10 minutes start to finish, but the best results (tastily speaking) are when these ingredients have been combined at least 12 hours before serving!

Ingredients: fresh cranberries, orangy- citrus fruit and sugar.

Begin by rinsing your berries.

While you are rinsing your berries, look for odd-ball squishable (past their prime) cranberries and toss them aside. Berries that are wrinkly, yet firm are still good to use, but the smushy ones need to go!

Fill your food chopper with berries.
NOTE: Do not fill to capacity, the berries need room to move around to get thoroughly chopped.

Just for the record... I LOVE the smell of cranberries! This step is heavily scented!

The two bags that I had purchased yielded about 8 cups of chopped cranberries.

One cup of sugar needs to be added to each bag of chopped berries. Here are my two cups!
NOTE: This is a once a year side dish... live it up and ENJOY the sugary goodness!
Next it is time to prepare the citrus fruit. This year I am using two clementines (we're totally addicted!) instead of the typical single orange. You may choose your own preference!

I warmed my clementines in the microwave (20 seconds) to provoke their juiciness!

Then, while the fruit is still warm, roll it between the palm of your hand and the counter to really get the juices flowing!

The original recipe calls for zesting of the citrus peel. I have zested and lacked in zest over the years- and have found that this step isn't essential.
Clementines, in fact, cannot be zested... FYI!
NOTE: I have even substituted straight up orange juice when I have forgotten to bring an orange home from the grocery store... don't worry, this recipe is very forgiving!!!
Slice your fruit in half...

And squeeze all of the juiciness out!

Its OK if a few plump pieces of pulp fall into your dish... they'll be yummy!

Next add your sugar and mix thoroughly! (It *could* be tempting to lick the spoon post stirring, but I wouldn't advise it! Allow your ingredients to meld for a while before sampling to allow the bitter berries to absorb the sweetness!)

Keep in mind that your recipe will shrink due to the sugar added. Just after mixing, my 8 cups of cranberries + 2 cups of sugar are equalling about 6 cups of relish. When the relish is done combining, I will most likely have between 3 & 4 cups of cranberry relish!
Recipe Recap:
2 bags of fresh cranberries
2 cups of sugar
1 large or 2 small citrus-y fruits
Personal NOTE: I don't care for gravy so I have always slathered my turkey with this cranberry relish- try a bite in my honor... you'll thank me!!!


Becky C

A little twist on this recipe...
1 bag of cranberries
1 navel orange
1 red delicious apple
1-2 C sugar

Cut the orange (peel and all) and apple (cored) into about 8 pieces each and throw in the processor with the chopped berries. Then add the sugar.

When I finished making this last night, my 6 year old ate a bowl of it for a snack. But I agree, the flavor is so much better the next day.

Laura Webber

WOW Becky, you are super fancy!!! My skills have yet to advance since I was 10 years old and making simple cranberry relish... you give me hope!

Carrie B

If you ever zest citrus with a "zester" MAKE SURE you are zesting away from your body. My fingers bear the scars of improper zesting! ;-)

Laura Webber

Oh Carrie,
THAT is an excellent tip!!!


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