Monday, November 9, 2009

The Best of Baking

The pre-holiday season means that many of us are getting ready to bake our little hearts out for our nearest and dearest! Lucky for us, many stores have begun slashing prices on baking supplies to lure us bakers into their stores!

Here are this week's Best of Baking sale items, the lowest priced items have been highlighted.

Meijer brand butter, 1 pound in quarters, $1.96

Meijer brand, 5 pounds of flour, $1.74

Meijer brand, 5 pounds of granulated sugar, $2.29

Meijer brand, 4 pounds of light brown sugar, $2.29

Meijer brand, 4 pounds of powdered sugar, $2.29

Land O Lakes butter, 1 pound in quarters, $2.29

Kroger brand, 4 pounds of granulated sugar, $1.98

Gold Medal, 5 pounds of flour, $2.49
*Spend the $.50 printable coupon = $1.49/bag

Imperial sugar, 4 pounds, $1.99

Gold Medal flour, 5 pounds, $1.50
*Spend the $.50 printable coupon = $1.00/bag

Nestle chocolate chips, $1.79/bag
*spend the $.50 Manufacturer's coupon = $1.29/bag

Clabber Girl corn starch, $.50

Clabbor Girl baking powder, $.50

Generic baking soda, $.50

Morton salt, $.50

Keep in mind that this is the first week of many to come, where baking supplies will be the lowest prices that we will see until this time next year. I think that $1/5 pounds of flour is a rock bottom (best of the season) price! The butter prices this week really aren't stockpilable in my opinion! Last year Land O Lakes (my favorite brand) sold 1 pound boxes at Kroger for $1.88, plus I spent $.50 coupons that doubled... so my pound of butter was $.88! I'm going to hold out for a while longer- especially since butter is freezable and I plan to purchase enough to last for the next year!


Becky C

I noticed at Kroger this week that I could get the "Kroger Value" 1 pound block of butter for $1.69. I can easily cut it in half or in quarters for baking. I bought 2 which will tide me over until there is a great Land O' Lakes sale and coupons.

Laura Webber

Good to know! Thanks!