Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another One is Hooked on Coupons!!!

I've got to be honest, stories like this (and most likely yours as well) just tickle me PINK!

Check out how savingindetroit was inspired to begin spending coupons...

"I have officially joined he couponing world and thought I would start my own blog, taking my readers through the start-up process of clipping coupons. It all started a few weeks back after taking a free class at my local library called "Meet the Coupon Lady".

I walked into the class with a closed mind about the whole idea and really just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours. I was pretty intrigued, I admit, after hearing how cheap the Coupon Lady was able to buy a table full of products that I use everyday. I admittedly still thought, what was an extra $0.25 here or there. It didn't seem to add up, although the Coupon Lady's monthly grocery bill was about a tenth of mine!

After the class, I went home and pretty quickly sat down at my computer to look up the list of websites she recommend her pupils to take a look at. The websites listed pretty great deals and so I printed out the online coupons (from sites such as or, since I didn't at that point have the coupons from the Detroit Free Press or Oakland Press.

A few days later I went to Meijer and tried a few of the best deals, all of which worked. As I left the store that night, I felt as if I were stealing from it! I couldn't believe I was able to buy so many things for close to 50% off. From that night on, I have been hooked! It has only been about a month, but my stockpile (multiples of products that I use regularly in my home) is growing everyday. I might just have to buy a storage shelf to hold everything. "

1. $50 Target gift card giveaway!
2. Coupon class in Ann Arbor, 12/10



I orginally posted this comment after the wrong spot - sorry about that!
Ha Ha! You are right - I am hooked! Thanks so much for posting this... I truly enjoy your blog and look forward to any new posts you make, but was shocked to see one about me. Thanks again!

Laura Webber

No problem! I'm so happy to hear of your success!