Monday, October 26, 2009

Want To WIN?

Yesterday when I went to pick up my newspapers (Ahem, coupons!!!) at CVS, I was happy to find the new Bag Tags up by the registers.

I love how strongly CVS has approached the "Green Living" crowd by allowing us to earn $.25 per purchase simply by bringing our own bags and tags with us when we shop, and having them scanned at the register!!

Shoppers like me, who frequently make several transactions without even leaving the store may need several bags (and tags)... so I thought that this would be a great GIVE AWAY... a gift that keeps on giving... I mean earning!!!

Would you like this set of 3 reusable CVS bags and 3 Extra Care Bucks earnable tags?

There are SIX ways to enter: So make sure to enter more than once!!!

1. Sign up to become a FOLLOWER of Sharpen Your Scissors (I love to see so more and more happy faces on my blog!!!)

2. If you are already a Sharpen Your Scissors FOLLOWER (Muchas Gracias!) than flaunt your follower status!

3. For each friend/family member/co-worker/neighbor that you recruit to become a FOLLOWER of Sharpen Your Scissors you will receive another entry to win!

4. Tweet about this CVS Bags & Tags give away! (I'm @mrsdavewebber on Twitter!) Then let me know that you've tweeted!

5. Link this page to your blog or Facebook page!

6. Share a favorite "GREEN" cleaning or living tip with the rest of us!

WOO HOO! The lucky winner will be announced at 7PM Friday 10/30!!!

*(Please leave me your email address so that I may contact you pronto when you are declared the winner!!!)


The Pohl Family

Well I am a follower and am loving every minute of it. I have gotten some of my friends into the whole couponing scene.

I am still treading water when it comes to the Pharmacy stores such as CVS. I am doing ok at Walgreen's but have not gotten to into CVS yet.

Winning these bags of course would make it one step easier for me, Free extra care points, woo hoo what a way to start.



I am a loyal follower and proud of it! Thanks Laura

Megan (

I'm a follower!


I am a follower.
I'm linking this to my facebook page.
My favorite green tip is to use cloth napkins as opposed to disposable ones (wash them up in the laundry, they are as good as new) and use cheap washcloths instead of paper towel. Much cheaper and more green!
Do I get three entries?
Hope I win, I love CVS!

Laura Webber

Megan please enter three times... consider this your Facebook entry!!! Thanks!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! You have been such a blessing to my family and I :)


Okay, here is my 2nd entry because I'm a follower. :)


And my third... here is another green tip.
I reuse the plastic tubs that wipes come in instead of throwing them away. They are a great size for storing kid stuff and they stay closed by can also be opened by little hands.
We have tubs for: markers, crayons, stickers, My Little Pony accessories, play/dress up jewelry, etc.


Flaunting my follower status!

Charity Lemke

I am flaunting my follower status as well...I haven't ventured into the world of CVS savings yet so this would be the motivation I need!



The team

I love, love, love your blog!!! I've told so many people about it! Thanks for all your fabulous tips and hard work!



Flaunting my follower status! I'm learning all the CVS quirky savings deals, so this would be much appreciated. jkmk8506 (at)


Entry #2- my favorite green ideas are: using reusable bags- including produce bags; buying natural cleaning products, soaps, etc; and finally recycling! I'm a teacher, so I go through a lot of paper at work. I bring it home to recycle. jkmk8506 (at)


I love being a follower of your blog!! I think it's great cvs is giving $ for using reusable bags :)


I love the blog Laura and I have not yet purchased my bag tags from CVS...I have a good feeling about this giveaway.

You know my address...


Hi Laura-
We are followers and we posted a link on our facebook page!! YEAH I feel lucky about this giveaway!!


Loyal follower!


As for green living, we recycle of course! I also use the reusable bags and love them (easier to lug groceries in)! I've also used reusable diapers in the past to avoid all those disposables in land fills!


I am a current follower!


Already bought one tag...but would love another one :)
Thanks for the give away


I just became a follower of your blog!! I love all the information you have to share! THANKS...


I'm a follower!


And a green tip - My mom uses a water/vinegar mixture to clean her house. I can't get over the smell, but might try it someday with a little essential oil mixed in. I'm also a big recycler and LOVE LOVE LOVE the reusable grocery bags...You should check out this website if you've never seen it - very cool. It's a couple that only used one small plastic bag of trash in an entire year!


I follow....


I facebook....
(and linked my favorite coupon counselor to my facebook page months ago)...


I shop consignment, avoid red meat, and have trained my children to take recycleables out of the trash when their daddy forgets his "earth manners"....

The Pohl Family

Entry #2- I save things like baby jars, pringle cans, card board tubes for crafting. I will also save almost any scrapes of paper from scrap booking. I do use reusable bags however we tend to use the plastic grocery bags for our small garbage cans. Remove labels from prescription bottles and use for things such as beads for jewelry.

Angela @ Nine More Months

I am a follower!


Hi Laura,
GREAT giveaway...thanks! I am a loyal follower.


I wish I had a super great "green" tip but I'm not that great with thinking outside the box. I do recycle as much as I can and I have become really good at remembering to use my reusable bags at every store I enter. When the rare occasion comes up that I have to get my bought items placed in plastic bags, I reuse them by lining my cat box with them. I'm looking forward to reading some of your followers' tips for better ideas!

Nikki Van Dis

I'm still a follower and checking in daily. Thanks Laura!

Charity Lemke

Entry #2 I have linked your site to my blog :)


I just became a follower. My sister told me about this blog! Thanks for the step by step!


Public follower!


I ditched paper towels in favor of dishclothes and save $$ and save landfills a ton of trash eeach year.


I gave up usinjg all paper products paper towels etc!


The place we get take out Chinese uses plastic containers w/plastic, we wash & reuse them. They are great for other leftovers (stack & store good in the fridge) or for crayons, markers/etc.

We also have a bunch of washable 'bar towels' that are used instead of paper towels. I don't worry if they get stained because that is what they are up spills & such.


I'm a follower.


Going green-I shut my lights off when I don't need them. I turn my heat down at night or if I am not there.


Hi Laura, I am a new follower and just love the site.

Becky C

I am a loyal (addicted) follower!


I subscribe to your posts (


i like to take used dryer sheets as dust cloths. the static pulls up dust and can leave a fresh scent!


I follow!


I love your blog! We recycle a lot in our house and love CVS's new deal with the tags. sml3het at yahoo dot com


I tweeted!


We use old cloth diapers for everything! We clean we dry dishes and wash dishes with them and they are awesome for dusting and if you dont use dryer sheets or fabric softner these are great for washing windows to a streak free!


I love your classes and blog and my husband thanks you for helping our family save. We have always frequented cvs for medical needs and milk and never thought of the groceries until I took your class. Now we are saving so much and I can not wait to teach my extended family everything that I have learned. I love your tips, ideas and daily blogs. Thank you


I am a follower.


Since we are homeschoolers, I try to reuse everything for some kind of crafty stuff. Spaghetti glass containers work great for growing our beans, or making pen/pencil holders.

Michigan Saylors

I'm a new follower!


I am a new follower!


My "green" tip.....I always re-use ziploc baggies from my son's treats. Cheerios, pretzels, etc. I just rinse them in warm water, and hang to dry..and re-use the next time!


Hi! I am a new follower!


My fav green tip is reusing ziplock baggies. It is nothing at all to wash them and reuse. This is easy on the pocketbook too!


I tweeted! at


I'm a follower!

Mom C

Okay, I know I'm greedy but I want to win everything! I just posted your link (again) on my facebook page and of course I'm a follower. Some might say I'm a stalker too because last night was the 3rd coupon class I've been to. I learn something new every time! Thanks for a great evening and being such a good teacher. Barb

Mom C

Oooops, I forgot a green tip. We've replaced almost all of our lightbulbs with the new CFL bulbs to help reduce our energy costs. The prices have come way down! In fact, Rite Aid has a SCR this month! Check it out! Barb

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

I'm (still!) a follower. And a green tip I just heard from a friend is to bring my own tupperware to restaurants for leftovers so I don't waste all that syrofoam!


Hi there!

I'm also a follower!



I also tweeted! I'm @ldholmes0904!

Elle Bee

I'm a happy follower! :)


Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!


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