Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: I just stocked up on about ten blocks of cheese from Kroger and was planning on freezing most of it for later. Just one question, since I know you mentioned that you regularly freeze cheese - can the defrosted cheese be eaten alone and not just used for baking? I just want to make sure it tastes normal after de-thawing it!

Me: I actually keep the cheese in the fridge until it gets close to its expiration's date... then I will freeze. I have yet to thaw and eat a block... since I have just learned this trick myself. I have, however, eaten post-frozen shredded cheese in salads and it tasted just fine!

*Just today, I ask my savvy cooking friend Sue if she had any shredding block cheese tricks, and she said that she "soft freezes" her block cheese for easier shredding!

Any other cheese tips and tricks out there?

What does post-frozen block cheese taste like?



We normally stock up on Kroger's shredded cheese when it's $1. I will also keep them in the refridgerater until expiration nears, they freeze great. We let them thaw at in the refrigerator and you would never know they were frozen.


I also freeze my blocks of cheese. The only thing I notice after freezing the cheese is that it gets a little crumbly when you try to slice the cheese. But it tastes no different.

Laura Webber

Thanks for the insight!!!


I agree with Kelly. The blocks taste fine post-freeze, but they shred terribly (in my opinion). As for slicing, it's not too bad...but the shredding is very crumbly!


I agree with the others. I prefer not to freeze blocks of cheese because they crumble so badly. Shredded cheeses are great frozen! My son doesn't mind the crumbles (he's 18 months!) but for me it's too hard to slice. I only use it if I'm planning to cube cheese for a salad or something. It doesn't taste different, though.

Mom C

I've never frozen blocks of cheese; we always shred & freeze it and it tastes fine on salads or cooking in a dish. If you put the cheese in regular freezer bags it does get a little crystally, but it still works just fine. But, Laura you'll be happy to know that we bought a vacuum sealer in July and have been using that to freeze shredded cheese. It's amazing, not one crystal. It looks like it's a blob of cheese (we're learning not to seal so long) but take a handful of the blob and it separates perfectly with your fingers and stays the same as if we bought it yesterday. Yummy!

Bargains to Bounty

We've never frozen block cheese, either, but freeze shredded ALL the TIME. It thaws so quickly that we often use it on pizzas and salads from frozen without any problem whatsoever.


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