Friday, October 30, 2009

Excuse Me While I Remove the Wool From Over My Eyes...

I am a well 'seasoned' sales flyer reader. I take the time to educate myself before I step foot inside the stores... I plan, I strategize...

A couple of months ago I picked up a couple of cans of sloppy joe mix- and my husband nearly went down on one knee again (Me and my savvy shopping skills were worthy of it!!!)! Well...

OK, Dave was thrilled for a can of man food and he asked me to keep a few on hand. So last week when I saw that Manwich was advertised in the sales flyer for $1 (a typical sale priced item for Meijer) I planned to pick up a few cans.

I thought that something was fishy when the first can that I picked up had the sale price printed on the price tag. Weird... they all were advertising the sale price! So I whipped out my CSI detective skills- and realized that Meijer has been chinsing on their already sparse sales flyer!!! I'm not interested in everyday prices being advertised like a sale price... I WANT DISCOUNT PRICES!!!

Have you ever experience this type of shenanigans?



I noticed this the other week with their ragu spaghetti sauce.
I am not keen on people being deceptive, so needless to say, I was disappointed.
I noticed that half of their sale paper this week was "everyday low price".


I HATE whatever it is they're trying to do! I spend more time at Kroger anymore (gotta love their mega event sales!).

I miss the old ads :(


I have been catching Kroger doing that for a long time now! So beware mine has even started to take out the old sign! I guess complaining to the top is being heard and they are trying to be smarter!


I've been noticing that a lot lately in the ads. If I see two prices, I pay attention. If I see one, it's not worth my time, cuz it's an everyday price. Irritating.

The Pohl Family

Someone mentioned about Meijer changing things up, I think it was Macombmoneysaver. It was said that Meijer ads are smaller and is moving away from sales. It was also said to express concern to the management.

Then just yesterday a commercial or the evening news, can't remember which, talked about the new look, and changes they are making. Where their ads will not focus on "every day low prices", which rotate every few weeks or so.

That is the part I hate, when something says "Everyday Low Price" I expect it to stay that way or go down on sale, not go back up.

At any rate Meijer is making changes and it does not sound like many of us are liking it.


Bargains to Bounty

This is one of my grocery store pet-peeves. Many times you won't realize it's not a markdown until you're in the store...and then, if you're in a hurry and don't look beyond the sale sign, you'll be misled into believing you're actually paying a sale price.

Please let Meijer know how you feel! They say that they changed their ad format based on "customer feedback." I'm holding out hope that they'll change it back based on customer feedback.