Friday, October 30, 2009

And the WINNER is...

Susan, are you ready for some CVS-ing?
And thank you to all who became new followers of SYS,
to those who flaunted their SYS follower status
and to those who shared GREEN living tips!

Susan said...
"My fav green tip is reusing ziplock baggies. It is nothing at all to wash them and reuse. This is easy on the pocketbook too!"



I have a couple coupons for Playtex gloves, a new kind that you use while preparing food (like raw meat, for example). They expire tomorrow and I can't find them anywhere (Walmart, Target, Hillers and Meijer). Does anyone know where I can find these, and quickly? I don't want these coupons to go to waste! Thanks so much!

Laura Webber

Did you try Kroger? Kroger carries Playtex gloves!!!

The Pohl Family

Howell didn't have them last week when I was there.