Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wah-Hoo for GREEN Shoppers

This morning I made my usual trek to CVS to pick up 'my' Sunday papers. Today I picked up 75... (yep, seventy-five!) so when I say MY papers, I actually mean the papers that I need for teaching classes, the papers that I bring to friends and, of course, MY papers!

Every Sunday I load up at least one cart with newspapers... and since those little buggers can get HEAVY, I prefer to bring my own cloth bags. I can pack far more newspapers (lets face it, it is just the coupon inserts and a few weekly ads that I really want) in a cloth bag, and I never have to worry about whether my bag will be able to withstand pressure of holding so many precious money saving coupons... and, OK the weight of all of that paper and ink is quite a bit too.

This morning, as I was filling my cloth bags with newspapers, the lead manager of my favorite store shared a bit of upcoming CVS scoop with me... CVS will be rolling out a new MONEY MAKING opportunity for their Greenest of GREEN shoppers beginning in October!

Wah-Hoo! I like making money- especially while being GREEN!

It seems that CVS does not like me bringing my Rite Aid bags into their store each week to carry all of 'my' newspapers home in (OK, it is kind of embarrassing to bring the competitions bags into another store, but I did get my Rite Aid bags for FREE and I do want to 'save the world... hold on a sec, I'm hugging a tree!).

So CVS devised a plan to bring the Earthy kind of "GREEN" and the spendy kind of "green" together. CVS will be rolling out their recyclable bags ($1/bag currently) with an additional feature... a bar coded tag, similar to the Extra Care cards that we all know and love.

My insider scoop revealed that each bag, post purchase, will link (most likely) to your CVS card and every set of 4 scans of the bag's bar code (limit of one scanning per day per bag) gives loyal CVS shoppers $1 in Extra Bucks! (That's like getting a $.25 bag credit vs. $.05 at the grocery stores!) CVS, once again, is brilliant!

I'm so happy I might just hug TWO trees today!!!

I imagine that CVS is finalizing the details as we speak, but I can't wait to get my hands on a new set of CVS GREEN bags!



Do you know which stores give you a discount for bringing in your own bags? I've heard this before, but never looked into it.
That would be a great and very green promotion for CVS!

Laura Webber

In my experience, it has only been grocery stores. Kroger and Hillers here in the Metro-Detroit area are the only two who advertise their offer.

When in doubt, just ask at the register!

The team

Wow! That sounds like a great program! Can't wait to learn more about it!


My CVS cashier had tons to say when I bring my free Walgreens bag in to collect my Sunday papers!! I can't wait from the roll-out on this!!
mom23sassies and Will ;)


Yay!!! Can't wait for this!


What do you mean when you go to collect the papers? Are you paying for them or are you getting them for free?

Laura Webber

FREE? I wish! I purchase the papers neessary for my classes, myself and a few friends!


Sounds awesome. Thanks for the great tip!

Just Jenny

WOO HOO!! How exciting!! I wish all stores woule at least give 5c. like at the grocery store!

So if CVS is going to do this...ya know that Walgreens won't be far behind with their own system!!!!!


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