Friday, September 25, 2009

Q & A

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Coupon Clipper: I attended your coupon class in Webberville. I have always used coupons, but intend to use them lots more now that I see how much I can really save.

When do you decide to use your coupons on a sale item? Some deals are good, and some deals are great! What if I use all my coupons on a good deal and two weeks later there is an even better deal and my coupons are gone.

For example: I had $1.00 off coupon for Colgate toothpaste. It is on sale at Kroger for 2/$5.00. Since my Kroger doubles my $1.00 coupons, I only paid 50 cents.

However, it sounds like you always get FREE toothpaste. I like that better. Do you always wait for the free deals when it comes to certain items? When and how do you decide to "go for it".

Me: I completely understand what you are thinking! Here is how I handle spending my coupons:

1. If I can match a store sale with a coupon and receive the item for FREE, then I will spend my coupons.

2. If an item is on sale and I have a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon (yes, you can spend one of each type of coupon on a single item- it is called 'Stacking') then I will definitely purchase that item.

3. If I find a sale with an item at 40-50% off and I have a coupon for that item, then I will make a purchase.

I need to have multiple discounts in order to make a purchase, otherwise I will purchase ONLY the quantity that is absolutely necessary (1 tube of toothpaste) and keep my fingers crossed for a better sale before my coupons expire!

***Some FREE items are seasonal, but most often FREE items just vary from week to week. Looking for items to stockpile each week means that you are always looking for what is either FREE or inexpensive... bringing down your out of pocket expenses over the long haul!