Monday, September 28, 2009

Grocery Game Plan: Meijer

Here are my favorite items to stockpile this week, 9/27-10/3, at Meijer.

To check out the full Meijer weekly ad online, click here.

KEY: MFC= Manufacturer's coupon, MBC= Meijer Mealbox coupon

Lay's potato chips, 50% off.

Glade candles, The Fragrance Collection, $2.95
Spend the $3/2 MFC
Total: $2.90/2

Ortega foods, 20% off
Spend the $.75/2 MFC
Spend the $1/4 MBC
Total: pricing varies

Fleishman's Yeast (4oz bottles and envelopes), 30% off
Spend the $1/3 MBC
Total: pricing varies

Hidden Valley ranch 16oz bottles, $2.39
Spend the $1/1 MBC
Total: $1.39/bottle

Aunt Millies bread or buns (select varieties), $1.25/each
Spend the $.35 MFC
Total: $.55/each

Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $1.49
Spend the $.50 MFC
Spend the $1/2 MBC
Total: FREE when you purchase 2

Betty Crocker tub frosting, $1.49
Spend the $1 MFC
Spend the $1/2 MBC
Total: FREE when you purchase 2

Lysol Wipes, $1.50/canister
Spend the $1/2 MFC
Spend the $1/2 MBC
Total: $.50/canister when you purchase 2

Hunt's canned spaghetti sauce, $.99
Spend the $1/5 MBC
Total: $.79/can when you purchase 5

Campbell's condensed soups, ???
Spend the $.40 MFC
Spend the $1/4 MBC
Total: $.45 off per can when you purchase 4

Propel water singles, $.59
Spend the $1/5 MBC
Total: $.39/bottle when you purchase 5

Check out macombmoneysavers for the extended version of Metro Detroit Meijer Match-ups!


To access Meijer Mealbox coupons (MBC): Mealbox Generator to print multiple Mealbox coupons per page. Or visit Meijer online (look for the 'Special's tab in the blue box to the right!) to print a single coupon per page. I offer two printing locations because the Mealbox Generator is not as extensive as the Meijer online site.

NEW!!! Some Mealbox coupons are now stating LIMIT ONE PER TRANSACTION. Please read all coupons carefully!

Keep in Mind:

*Meijer will only double the first TWO identical MANUFACTURER coupons. This may mean that you will need to break your purchasing into ONE large transaction and SEVERAL smaller transactions to ensure that ALL of your coupons are able to double.

*Meijer will never double a Mealbox coupon.

*Meijer allows the 'Stacking' of one Manufacturer coupon and one Mealbox coupon per items purchased unless either coupon states otherwise. For example, a coupon may say save $1 on two items, then you would need to follow the purchasing rules for that specific coupon.

*Rain checks are available at the customer service desk, at the podium in front of the cash register lines or with your cashier. Remember that Meijer rain checks have an expiration date 30 days prom printing along with a limited quantity printed on the rain check. The quantity limited depends on your stores location.

*Meijer offers a $.05 bag credit per bag that you supply for your groceries. You will probably need to ask for your bag credits!

AND AS ALWAYS, please leave me a comment if I have missed a deal... Thank you!


Heidi Warm Delights! I got 8 yesterday, just when I ran out of my last batch! :)

Laura Webber

I always think of you when I see them!


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