Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grocery Game Plan: Meijer

Here are my favorites for this week: August 30- September 5

Kool Aid box of Singles, $1 each
Spend the $1/1 Mealbox coupon
Total: FREE
***Purchase 3 Kool Aid boxes in one transaction and receive a $2 Catalina on your next purchase.

Doritos, 50% off

Aunt Millies bread & (honey flavor) buns, $.99
Spend the $.35 manufacturer coupon
Total: $.29/package

Capri Sun juice bags, $1.65 for traditional/ $2.65 for 100% juice
Spend the $2/2 Mealbox coupon if purchasing the 100% juice
***Purchase 4 boxes in a single transaction and receive a $3 Catalina

Let me math nerd out for ya...

Purchase 4 boxes of the traditional flavors = $6.60
Purchase 4 boxes of the 100% juice + spend (2) $2/2 Mealbox coupons = $6.60

Either purchase of sets of 4 boxes should allow you receive a $3 Catalina, BUT the 100% juice's were not triggering the Catalina although the sign in the store did NOT state that 100% juice was excluded in the receiving of a Catalina. I had to pursue my Catalinas at the customer service desk... but I did receive a hand written Catalina. Its your choice as to which boxes you'd prefer and whether or not you are willing to interact with the customer service desk employees.

The bottom line is that you will receive 40 juice pouches for $3.60, or $.09/drink.

***Helpful tip: Before you check out with your Capri Suns, do a transaction of Kool Aid (or 3, like I did) to pay for your Capri Suns, and then roll your Capri Sun Catalinas into the rest of your items in your cart!!! Sharing the LOVE!

A1 Steak Sauce, $2.50/bottle
Spend the $2 Manufacturer coupon
Spend the $1/2 (must purchase ) Mealbox coupon
Total: FREE

Taco Bell kits & shells, 20% off
Spend the $1/2 Mealbox coupon
Total: varies

Please make me aware of any deals that I may have missed in the comments section of this post!



what is a mealbox coupon ?

Laura Webber

A Mealbox coupon is a Meijer store coupon. Visit Meijer.com, type Mealbox in the search entire site box, then when a blue box pops up on the right hand side, click on Specials... here are your printable Mealbox coupons. You may stack a manufacturer and a Mealbox coupon on one item!


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