Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FREE Jennie-O

My new best friend Lacey (20-ish years in the making...) shared a brilliant idea with me! She and I had both gotten in on a Jennie-O home mailer promotion a few months ago (no longer available, sorry)... Jennie-O sent recipe booklets that included a $5 off ANY Jennie-O Turkey Store product. Lacey (Me too, me too!) picked up sliced deli turkey, asking for $5 worth to be packaged... for FREE!

I was holding out for a similar sale that I saw last Fall at Meijer, when fresh ground turkey was buy one get one FREE, but I LOVE to slice a little bit of turkey to put in my salads at lunch... Yumm-O Jennie-O!!!

Thanks again Lacey!



You are oh-so-very welcome, friend! :-)