Monday, September 21, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie

I was talking with my friend Jessica a few weeks ago and she shared a recipe for Chicken Pot Pie. Here are the ingredients that I used. (The blue lidded container is homemade chicken stock.)

I mixed everything in a large bowl, and then spread it between the two pie crusts.

I baked the pie for 15 minutes at 400* and then 45 more minutes at 350*.

I put the equivalent of 1 can of chicken broth into the mix, but I wish that I had only added just half of a can.
This Pot Pie was inexpensive and an absolute hit... I'll definitely make it again!


Bargains to Bounty

What a great way to use some of those FREE Green Giant Steamers veggies from Meijer! :)

Laura Webber

Ahem... a "deal" icious way!!!


Great recipe. I add a little cheddar cheese to mine and instead of the pie crust, I roll Pillsbury garlic crescent rolls out over the top. Oh it's so good with that garlic flavor!