Friday, August 28, 2009

Want To Shop with Me?

I'm heading to Super Kroger again this Sunday (8/30). I plan on arriving between 1 & 1:30 in the afternoon.

Here's the scoop on Super Kroger:

If you have yet to hear about Super Kroger, it is one of the very few Kroger's that double coupons up to $1 every day!!! Super Kroger does have a few rules- so I'll quickly get those out of the way:

1. You must bring your coupon box with you... no planning just shopping! (Well, you can try to plan ahead if you'd like to, but I never do! The deals are everywhere!)

2. You may ONLY use up to three identical coupons (purchasing 3 products). Previously SK allowed more than one transaction per person, but unfortunately that is a thing of the past!

3. You must wear PINK (OK, this is optional) so that we Sharpen Your Scissors coupon clipping friends can recognize one another...

4. You must be ready to shop kindly... no grabbing, fist fighting or the like! (Just kidding, all of that is unnecessary) But do feel free to share your extra (or nearly expiring) coupons with other shoppers!

Will you join me?
SUPER Kroger:
108 W. Highland Rd.,
Howell MI 48843
(517) 552-0126

Let's get our shop on together!Drop me a comment if you'll be there, and make sure to say "Hi" to me in the store!!! I LOVE SUPER Krogering!!!



Ooooh. A chance to meet you early and get some deals!! Count me in!

The Pohl Family


URGH! I would love to do this, however as I have told you I am short $$ right now, and we just spent our grocery money. One day I will be able to do that with you, keep me posted on your next visit there.

Also I see you are moving closer to Brighton with your classes. I keep trying to think of where you could do one here, hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I want to attend one so bad, just can't afford the commute just yet.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

My inlaws live by one of the new Super Krogers in Ohio so I'll be stopping by there during our visit tomorrow! Let me know if you have any great deals up your sleeve I should be keeping my eye out for down there! Hopefully I'll see you in Howell next time....!


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