Monday, August 17, 2009

Grocery Game Plan: Meijer

Here are my favorites for this week, August 16-22, 2009

Meijer shredded cheese, $1.25 package

Tyson frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts, 2.5 pounds for $5.99

Aunt Millies bread and buns, $1.25, use the $.35 Manufacturer coupon from several weeks ago.

Lysol duo wipes, $1.50/ canister, spend the $1.50/2 Manufacturer coupon AND the $1/2 Mealbox coupon

Malt O' Meal bagged cereal, $1.29 each, visit and print (2) $.50 coupons and then use the B2G1 (buy two get one) Mealbox coupon

McCormick's seasoning packets, $.50/packet, use the $1/5 Mealbox coupon

50% off snacks include: Keebler, Goldfish crackers, Wheat Thins and Triscuts.

To access the Meijer Mealbox coupons visit Type Mealbox in the search box, when the blue box appears on the right hand side of your screen, click on 'specials.'

*Meijer allows shoppers to spend one Manufacturer's coupons and one mealbox coupon per item purchased.



If anyone (like me) missed the CVS and Target sales on this item, he Airwick 1/2 off sale netted me a bunch of iPoint systems for .79 each using a recent coupon! I don't like air fresheners myself, but I'm saving them for stocking stuffers and housewarming gifts. I do use the Neutra Air air freshener (it absolutely KILLS diaper-pail stink!), which is FREE this week with a $1.50/1 coupon.


Oh, and if you print the Malt O' Meal coupons, be sure to print the Blueberry Muffin Tops one, because it was the only variety I could find that was included in the sale.


today at the wixom meijer the cashier told me that meijer is clamping down on using manufactuares coupon and a mealbox coupon. Now this is the first I have heard this and said to her if they did not allow it then why does the cash register accept them? She put them all through, but tommorrow I am going to call the manager and ask what it up with this.

Laura Webber

Hmmm Terry, that is the first I've heard of that as well... keep me posted!


I called the manager on duty at the Wixom Meijer today and she transfered me to the head cashier. Neither one knew anything about this and said it was the cashiers fault. Scary thing the manager on duty was not even sure if the policy had changed. They sure make it hard to spend money at their store!